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Photoshoot Experiences for Couples and Families

Photoshoot experiences at professional studios throughout the UK. Shoots to make your natural beauty shine. Many offer a full makeover including makeup, hair and clothes. Confidence-boosting and fun, these photoshoot experiences give you the pick of stunning portraits to choose from that you can take home and cherish. Makeover photoshoot FAQs...


Tweens & Teens Makeover Photoshoot for Two

Manchester, Leeds & Middlesbrough

Save £44 Buy For £15.00

Tweens & Teens Makeover Photoshoot for Two
  • Funky shoots for 8-18 year olds
  • Make-up, hair styling & nails done
  • Views the images on the day
  • One digital pic to take home included
cat bow tie
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Pet Photoshoot


Free £50 Voucher Buy For £15.00

Pet Photoshoot
• A photoshoot just for you and your pet!
• Suitable for cats, dogs and exotic pets too
• A 5''x7'' portrait of your favourite image included
• Pet photoshoots at professional studios near you

Peggy Sue Pin Up Photoshoot

Nationwide Locations

Save £170 Buy For £25.00

Peggy Sue Pin Up Photoshoot
• Peggy-Sue styled 1950s pin up photoshoots
• Have your hair styled for a classic 1950s look
• Wear the fab clothes from the decade of rock n roll
• Experience includes an A4 print of your choice
mum and two daughters

MAC Mother and Daughter Photoshoot

Manchester, Leeds & Middlesbrough

£64.99 Buy For £15.00

MAC Mother and Daughter Photoshoot
• Feel fabulous with this Mother & Daughter makeover
• Choose from several professional photo studios
• Mini mani, hair, make up & express facial included
• Receive 2 digital copies on the same day
4d baby scan

4D Baby Scan

Manchester & Lancashire

Save 50% From £45.00

4D Baby Scan
• See wonderful 4D images of your unborn baby
• Packages include 3D prints & images on a CD
• Special bonding time for expectant Mums & Dads
• 'Little Monkey' pack includes a heartbeat bear

CAPOW Superhero Photoshoot

Studios Nationwide

Save £24 Buy For £25.00

CAPOW Superhero Photoshoot
• Dress up as your fave superhero for a photoshoot!
• Shoot uses brilliant backdrops and lots of props too
• Post-editing adds in effects for that cinematic feel
• Superhero shoots are offered at studios nationwide
frieds photo shoot
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Catwalk Makeover for Two

Studios Nationwide

Special Offer Buy For £15.00

Catwalk Makeover for Two
• A catwalk-style makeover for two
• Have your hair styled and makeup applied
• A re-touched A5 print to take home with you
• Free �50 voucher to spend at the venue
Boudoir photoshoot

Boudoir Photoshoot Nationwide

Studios Nationwide

£19 Buy For £19.00

Boudoir Photoshoot Nationwide
• Hair styling and make-up applied by experts
• Shoots can be done in any lingerie of your choice
• A complimentary A4 sized print
• Free �50 voucher towards further prints
girls fairies

Enchanted Photoshoot

Nationwide Locations

Special Offer Buy For £19.00

Enchanted Photoshoot
• Photos of your little ones as fairies or elves
• Offered at photo studios near you nationwide
• Voucher includes one 10 x 8" print
• Elf and fairy outfits are provided for the shoot
MAC photoshoot

MAC Photoshoot for Two

Manchester, Leeds & Middlesbrough

Free £50 Voucher Buy For £15.00

MAC Photoshoot for Two
  • Image consultation with style and makeup tips
  • Hair styling by an expert stylist
  • A fashion photo shoot with a female photographer
lady modeling on bed

Chique Makeover Photoshoot


Buy For £30.00

Chique Makeover Photoshoot
• Glass of wine on arrival
• A makeover using MAC or Illamasque make-up
• Up to four outfit changes
• One 6x4 print to take away with you
man in suit

Photoshoot for Him

Over 35 Studios Nationwide

Save 80% Buy For £19.00

Photoshoot for Him
• A photoshoot just for the boys!
• Offered at over 40 photo studios near you
• Get your hair done as part of the shoot
• A free �50 voucher to spend on prints etc
two boys and mum and dad
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Family Photo Shoot


Special Offer Buy For £25.00

Family Photo Shoot
• Capture the whole family in a portrait photo
• Get the gang together for a pro photoshoot
• Available at studios all around the country
• Includes a free �50 voucher to spend at the venue
Fashion Experience
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Catwalk Fashion Experience

Over 70 Studios available Nationwide

Free £50 Voucher Buy For £19.00

Catwalk Fashion Experience
• A catwalk cover girl style photoshoot
• Includes hair and make up session
• Available at studios around the country
• A �50 voucher to spend on print products
natural Photo Shoot
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Teen Model Photo Shoot

Studios Nationwide

Free £50 Voucher Buy For £15.00

Teen Model Photo Shoot
• Catwalk-style photoshoots just for teens
• Pose in front of different backgrounds
• Professionally re-touched A5 print included
• Free £50 voucher to spend at the venue
dad and daughter

Father and Child Photoshoot

Venues Nationwide

£15 Buy For £15.00

Father and Child Photoshoot
• A fun photo shoot with for father and child
• Viewing session to select your favourite image
• A professionally re-touched print is included
• Free �50 voucher to spend at the venue
outdoor family photos

Family Portrait Experience Wiltshire


Save £100 Buy For £25.00

Family Portrait Experience Wiltshire
• Family portrait photography in Wiltshire
• A state of the art studio on a working farm
• Photoshoot for up to 20 family members together
• Idyllic setting for both indoor & outdoor shots
girl in dress
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My First Year Baby Photo Plan


£19 Buy For £19.00

My First Year Baby Photo Plan
• Your baby's first year in pictures!
• Three photo sessions spaced three months apart
• Free �50 voucher to spend at the venue
• Includes your choice of print from each shoot
girl and boy photo

Photoshoot in Bristol

Bristol, Clifton

From £65.00

Photoshoot in Bristol
• A fashion photoshoot in Bristol
• The latest fashion props and digital camera
• Suitable for men and women
• The studio is open 7 days a week!
couple posing for photoshoot

Photoshoot Choice


Save £60 Buy For £15.00

Photoshoot Choice
• Our most flexible photoshoot voucher ever!
• One voucher, 70+ studios, 7 different photoshoots
• Your choice of print(s) to take home with you
• Professional photographers on all shoots
flower bouquet

Hand-Tied Mixed Flower Bouquet

Nationwide Delivery Included

Buy For £38.00

Hand-Tied Mixed Flower Bouquet
  • A hand-tied bouquet of seasonal flowers
  • Send by post direct to your door
  • Available all over the UK, Scotland & N Ireland
  • Flowers sourced from Holland & UK farms
Boudoir 1

VIP Boudoir Photoshoot & Makeover

Leeds, Manchester and Middlesborough

Save £67.99 Buy For £12.00

VIP Boudoir Photoshoot & Makeover
  • Sultry boudoir photos by female photographers
  • Choose from 3 studios across the north
  • Receive a digital image
  • Hair, nails & MAC make-up done for you

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Girls and boys who love to pose in front of the camera will adore these makeover photoshoots. So too will anyone who wants a new look and wants to feel body confident, by creating a new glamorous image for the camera, thanks to the in-studio hair and makeup stylists.

Who it's not for

If you hate having your photo taken, you might shy away from a photoshoot. But really there's no need. You'll feel at ease as soon as you walk into the studio. As you relax and have fun, your photographer is sure to get some great shots of you.

Photoshoot experience FAQs

Is a makeover photoshoot a stepping stone to modelling?

Whilst it's no direct stepping stone to modelling (you need to be on a model agency's books to model), makeover photoshoots are great for giving you a taste of what being a model is like, as you spend time in a professional studio with a professional photographer. It's also an option if you want to start building a portfolio of images yourself.

Are they all professional photographers?

Yes. All photoshoots take place at reputable studios with highly-experienced male and female photographers. They'll help direct you when it comes to poses, so you can achieve the look you're going for.

Do I get to have my hair and makeup done?

Yes. The in-house stylists will be on hand to style your hair (dry styled, no cutting or washing) and apply your makeup. It's also a great opportunity to pick up hints and tips about applying makeup.

Can I bring my own clothes for these photoshoots?

Yes you can. Many bring along their own clothes for the shoot and packages include time for costume changes in the studio time.

Do these shoots take place at reputable studios?

Yes. Our suppliers have joined forces with independently owned and run venues the length and breadth of the UK. All are referenced and checked to make sure the strict guidelines and standards of offering makeover photoshoots is adhered to.

Do you offer themed photoshoots?

Themed shoots are some of our most popular photoshoot packages. You can hark back to the 50s on a vintage photoshoot, go for a sensual boudoir-style shoot, turn the teens into superheroes, or even capture the family dog in a stunning portrait.

Are the images photoshopped?

The advantage of digital photography is that images can be reworked post-shoot, to enhance and refine your natural beauty. For more info on this, just chat to your photoshoot team during your session.

Do you do baby photoshoot packages?

Yes we do. Our 12-month baby photoshoot packages gives you three sessions in the studio so you can capture baby's development during their first year. They are really popular presents to give new parents.

Do I get any prints for free?

Yes. With each makeover photoshoot package you will get at least free print that you can choose yourself.

Is a catwalk photoshoot a model photoshoot?

Catwalk photoshoots are fashion shoots where the model will literally strut their stuff so the images capture the movement and flow. Rather than being just head shots, they often full-length portraits too There's no need to have walked a catwalk before, the photographer and assistant will direct you when it comes to poses.

Can I buy more pictures on the day?

Yes. These modern studios all have digital imaging services in-house, so you'll be able to buy extra prints in various sizes, as well as special orders for things like wall canvases. All extra orders are to be paid locally and they are not included in the price of the Into The Blue makeover photoshoot package.

I don't fancy going on the photoshoot by myself?

In most cases you can bring someone along with for 'moral support'. If you don't like the idea of being on your own in front of the camera, there are lots of photoshoot experiences for families, dads and sons, sisters, mums and daughter and so on to be photographed together.

How many pictures are taken during a photoshoot?

This all depends on the person being photographed and the photographer. The advantage of using digital equipment is that you can snap away without going through reels of expensive film and having to stop shooting to change the roll.

How long does the photoshoot last?

It's difficult to say how long a photoshoot will last. As a rule of thumb, studio time on the majority of the packages is around an hour. This can be significantly longer if there are lots of outfit or backgrounds changes. This is often shorter on kids' photoshoots as photographers take lots of images quickly, often getting the best images early on before the children's energy levels and attention spans diminish!

Can I look at the images straight away?

In many cases you can indeed review the images straight after the shoot. A technician will show you the shots and explain what options you have for your free included print or prints, as well as going through any products available.

Are photoshoots suitable for kids?

We have a variety of photoshoots that are aimed at kids. Whether you want to capture those cheeky smiles with siblings together, you fancy a decent family portrait of all of you, or you have a little miss who'd love to be a model, there's a suitable photoshoot at a studio near you.

Which are the best photoshoots for someone who wants a portfolio?

For fashionistas who are seeking striking portrait shots, we can recommend the bespoke shoot packages in central London, the Catwalk shoots and the MAC makeover photoshoots for an all-round experience.

Will the photographer direct me in the studio?

Yes. Even if you're a bit shy, the experienced photographers are experts are getting the best out of their subjects. You'll feel natural, wonderfully glam and confident behind the lens and you're sure to be impressed with the images too.

Are there props and backdrops in the studio?

Yes. The studios on the themed shoots are full of authentic props and backdrops - from bakelite telephones from the 50s, to superhero New York City skylines and sumptuous velvet throws in your 'boudoir', the studios provide all the props and backdrops you need.

Is there a makeover photoshoot experience near me?

Yes. We work in partnership with several makeover photoshoot companies with studios all over the country. In essence, you won't have to travel far to be able to work that camera and get some amazing shots. Current locations include:
  • London
  • Kent
  • Essex
  • Surrye
  • East Sussex
  • West Sussex
  • Leicestershire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Norfolk
  • Suffolk
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Derbyshire
  • Northumberland
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Dundee
  • South Wales
  • Bristol
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Hampshire

For stunning photos you'll cherish forever, book your makeover photoshoot online now!

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