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Create your own Perfume

Make your own perfume with a scent that's for you, by you! Learn how perfumes are created, then mix and match the base aromas to come up with your own with these perfume experiences. You even get to name the perfume, just like the celebs do with their signature fragrances. Perfume making FAQs...

Afternoon tea finger sandwiches
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Perfume Making and Afternoon Tea

10 Locations

Buy For £84.00

Create your Own Perfume with Afternoon Tea
• Create your own unique perfume
• 20ml of your bespoke fragrance
• Full three tier afternoon tea
• A glass of bubbly
girls smelling perfumes
Based On 16 Reviews

Create Your Own Perfume

Locations Nationwide

From £49.00

Design Your Own Perfume
• A consultation with a perfume consultant
• Create your own unique perfume
• Take home a sample of your perfume
• Suitable for men and women!
mens gift box

Design your own Fragrance for Men

Free Nationwide Delivery

Buy For £49.00

Design your own Fragrance for Men
• Design your own fragrance - just for men
• Kit contains everything needed to create a scent
• Includes 6 specially chosen blends preferred by men
• Your chance to make a male cologne suited to you
reed diffuser making

Reed Diffuser Making Workshop

Bexley, Kent

Buy For £70.00

Reed Diffuser Making Workshop
• Learn how to make a reed diffuser for your home
• A hands-on workshop lasting two hours
• Hosted by soap, candle & diffuser maker Paula
• Make your own bespoke scent for your diffuser
perfumer and student
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A Day with a Perfumer

Central London

Buy For £250.00

A Day with a Perfumer
• Design and name your own perfume
• An insight into the world of perfumery
• 20ml of your bespoke fragrance
• A glass of bubbly and three course lunch
create a fragrance

Fragrance Creation Gift Box

Perfume Gift Box delivered to your door

From £49.00

Fragrance Creation Gift Box
• Create your very own fragrance at home
• Perfume making kits with everything you need
• Contains blends created by a master perfumer
• All kits use high quality perfume ingredients
flower bouquet

Hand-Tied Mixed Flower Bouquet

Nationwide Delivery Included

Buy For £38.00

Hand-Tied Mixed Flower Bouquet
  • A hand-tied bouquet of seasonal flowers
  • Send by post direct to your door
  • Available all over the UK, Scotland & N Ireland
  • Flowers sourced from Holland & UK farms

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

A perfume making experience makes for a superb gift for newly engaged couples, for Mum, or for a girlie day out with your best friends. It's much more fun than just popping in to the chemist or visiting the beauty counter to buy your eau de toilette and, of course, is totally unique too.

Who it's not for

If you never wear scents, you probably won't be interested in learning all about how to make a perfume yourself! You can always go for some nice pampering on a spa day perhaps?

Make your own perfume experience FAQs

Will the perfume I make be bespoke to me

Yes! You choose the blend of aromas to make up your scent that is unique to you. You won't find your fragrance anywhere in the shops and what's more, you get to personalise your perfume by giving it a name too.

How much perfume do I get to take home with me?

This depends on the voucher chosen, but typically you will head home with a 5ml eau de toilette, or a 20-30ml atomiser spray.

Can I order more of my fragrance when it runs out?

Yes. You simply register the perfume you created on the supplier website and then you can order more perfume products that will be made up to the exact 'recipe' you've given them.

Can you create perfumes at home?

As well as offering perfume making workshops, we also have home perfume making kits on sale too. Inside the gift boxes you'll find everything you need to blend your aromas to create a perfume at home - and all delivered directly to your door!

Who first made perfume?

The first people to create perfumes were the Egyptians thousands of years ago, but the modern, more mass-produced fragrances we know today actually hail from Hungary in the 14th century. The trend soon spread across Europe, in particular to France where the growing of flowers and aromatic plants as the basic ingredients of the scents meant the country became the epicentre of perfumery.

Is perfume making a science?

At first you might indeed think you've signed up for a chemistry lesson, as the main principles of making perfume are very much scientific. We're talking phials and pipettes everywhere, with blending and mixing.

What are the basic types of perfume aromas?

There are four basic types of aroma on what the perfume industry call the 'fragrance wheel', used to describe and categorise the smells: floral, woody, musky and spicy. Combining these in different quantities with other goodies added makes your perfume.

Do these perfume making experiences make good engagement/wedding gifts?

Yes. Research shows us that a lot of customers buy perfume making experiences as presents for recently-engaged couples, or as pre-wedding gifts for the bride to create their own perfume.

Is it a good hen-do idea?

Yes, definitely. A two-hour perfume making workshop is the perfect package to be included in any hen weekend or event. The experiences, led by entertaining hosts, are held at central locations (often hotels) in towns and cities across the country, so you can make them part of your hen do itinerary for the day.

Can I book an exclusive group experience?

You can buy direct online perfume making vouchers for up to 12 people. Maximum group sizes for a workshop can be up to 32. If you'd like to book an exclusive group perfume making experience, get in touch with us by email, telephone or use the online chat window that will appear on every page.

Do you do fragrance making for men?

Yes we do. We offer online gift boxes to create a men's cologne at home. Everything you need is included in the attractive gift packages.

Do you do bridal fragrances?

Many of those attending the perfume making workshops are designing their own fragrance to wear their wedding. Every perfume is exclusive to you, making it the perfect scent to accompany you down the aisle as a bride!

Are these personalised perfumes tested on animals?

We have been assured by our main perfume making workshop supplier that none of the ingredients used on their two-hour workshops are tested on animals.

Are these experiences suitable for vegans?

Typically, all ingredients used for the perfume making lessons are vegan, except for the 'fruity' aroma, which contains beeswax. Avoiding this one aroma (there are lots and lots of other aromas to choose from) means you can make a vegan perfume.

Can you tell me any allergy information?

Please get in touch with the supplier for full lists of ingredients and possible allergy issues that could be involved in the making of your unique perfume. Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like help on this.

Where can I learn how to make my own perfume near me?

If you buy a perfume making kit you will be able to create your own scent at home wherever you are in the country. For those booking a place on a workshop, you will learn to design and create your own perfume at one of many venues around the UK. Current locations for making your own perfumes include:
  • Bath
  • Exeter
  • Birmingham
  • Harrogate
  • Brighton
  • Horsham
  • Orkney
  • Central London
  • Manchester
  • Caerphilly
  • Norwich
  • Reading
  • Southampton
  • Tunbridge Wells

Want to design your very own personalised perfume? Buy your perfume making voucher now!

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