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Create your own Perfume

Make your own perfume with a scent that's for you, by you! On these perfume experiences you'll learn all about what goes in to creating a perfume and then have the chance to mix and match the base aromas to come up with your own. You even get to name the perfume, just like all the celebs do with their signature fragrances.

We think a perfume making experience makes for a superb gift for newly engaged couples, for Mum, or for a girlie day out with your best friends. It's much more fun than just popping in to the chemist or visiting the beauty counter to buy your eau de toilette and, of course, is totally unique too. Read more...

A Day with a Perfumer
Based On 1 Reviews

Central London

From £250.00

    • Design and name your own perfume
    • An insight into the world of perfumery
    • 20ml of your bespoke fragrance
    • A glass of bubbly and three course lunch
Create your Own Perfume with Afternoon Tea
Based On 6 Reviews

10 Locations

From £84.00

    • Create your own unique perfume
    • 20ml of your bespoke fragrance
    • Full three tier afternoon tea
    • A glass of bubbly
Design your own Fragrance for Men

Free Nationwide Delivery

From £49.00

    • Design your own fragrance - just for men
    • Kit contains everything needed to create a scent
    • Includes 6 specially chosen blends preferred by men
    • Your chance to make a male cologne suited to you
Design Your Own Perfume
Based On 16 Reviews


From £49.00

    • A consultation with a perfume consultant
    • Create your own unique perfume
    • Take home a sample of your perfume
    • Suitable for men and women!
Fragrance Creation Gift Box

Perfume Gift Box delivered to your door

From £49.00

    • Create your very own fragrance at home
    • Perfume making kits with everything you need
    • Contains blends created by a master perfumer
    • All kits use high quality perfume ingredients

Centuries of perfume making history

The first people to create perfumes were the Egyptians thousands of years ago, but the modern, more mass-produced fragrances we know today actually hail from Hungary in the 14th century. The trend soon spread across Europe, in particular to France where the growing of flowers and aromatic plants as the basic ingredients of the scents meant the country became the epicentre of perfumery.

Even today we talk about 'eau de toilette' from the great perfume and fashion houses of Paris such as Guerlain, Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder and Mugler to name but a few. No need to hop over the Channel for these experiences, you’ll be able to come up with a delightful fragrance right here in the UK, with workshops being run regularly around the country.

Learn the alchemy of perfumers

At first you might think you've signed up for a chemistry lesson as the main principles are very much scientific. We’re talking phials and pipettes everywhere and talk of blending and mixing. There are four basic types of aroma on the perfume industry's fragrance wheel to describe and categorise the smells: floral, woody, musky and spicy. Combining these in different quantities with other goodies added makes your perfume.

Now that made it all sound rather simple, but as you'll find out it's a very fine art and during the course of your session, you'll see that even the tiniest dash of ingredient can change the 'flavour' and potency of your cologne. And of course, not everyone likes a deep, dark and mysterious musky scent. Some prefer the lighter, sweeter floral tones, or a revitalising citrusy aroma and that's why the aim of these experiences is for you to create exactly the perfume you want.

A fragrance totally unique to you

Indeed you won't find your fragrance anywhere in the shops and what's more, you get to give it a name too. This is a lovely idea if you create a perfume for your wedding day, or perhaps for a special anniversary. Whatever name you choose, it will be recorded and registered, along with the exact quantities of the aromas that you picked for your blend, so you can re-order a bottle of your personalised scent at any time in the future.

And as we all love a celebrity perfume, here’s a fun little video blog where Joey Graceffa tests celebrity perfumes and gives his honest opinions, from Britney’s Fantasy, to Mariah Carey’s Miss Butterfly he’s having a sniff of your fave celeb scents. Maybe it’ll inspire you for when you make your own perfume?
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