Photoshoot Experiences for Couples and Families

Let someone you love discover a whole new glamorous image by treating them to one of our elegant makeover photoshoots. The styling team will take care of hair and make-up before you head into the bright lights of the studio where the professional photographer will capture that stunning new look on camera.

We have a whole host of photoshoot venues throughout the UK, all offering five star supermodel treatments - many offer a full makeover from nails and hair, to clothes and make up. These are confidence boosting and fun days out that give you the pick of stunning portraits to choose from that you can take home, frame and hang on the wall. Read more...

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Transform your appearance with these makeover photoshoots! Offering excellent value for money, they combine being completely made over by talented stylists and make up artists, with the chance to work that lens at a proper photography studio. The end result is a portfolio of prints to be proud of that you can keep for yourself, or even use as a stepping stone to modelling.

If you dream of being a cover girl, our popular fashion shoots are ideal. These are available at venues all around the country, so you won't have to travel far to be able to strut your stuff like Cara or Kate. The look here is highly stylised, contemporary and funky, leading to such a striking set of glossy and glam pictures that even your friends might have trouble believing it's really you!

Of course, not all of us want to preen and pout as the shutter whirrs. Some of us simply want the chance to get a 'nice' photo of the family all together. Let's face it, it's virtually impossible to get a decent shot where everyone is looking into the lens, no-one has their eyes shut and not one of you is out of focus. A family photo shoot allows you get the whole brood together for a great picture that will be a keepsake and even an heirloom for your clan.

Photographs also tell a story. That's where our baby shoots come in. We have packages that follow your little one's first year so you can have a pictorial record of all those key moments, from newborn, through teething and towards taking their first tentative steps. As you might imagine, these make superb gifts to give new parents.

And parents themselves are often stars of the show with our ever-popular mother and daughter shoots. We don't know what it is about this package but it seems mums and their daughters make a great team on these experiences and the results are stunning. Of course, there's nothing to stop father and son, sisters, brothers or any other combination stepping out to pose together.

The romantics amongst us will love the couples photoshoot. The idea here is that you and your beau (or your belle) can be the focus of attention as you are primped and preened ready to cuddle up together for the Nikon. As the photographer snaps away, it's a great chance to show off that great thing called love with a cutesy stance.

If your idea of makeover photoshoots is a little more risqué, how about one of our boudoir shoots? Transform yourself into a proper glamour pussy and work that camera until it sizzles. There's even our 'dudoir' version for super hot boys! Time to get snapping.