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Intensive 1:1 Drift Training Course

Hertfordshire, Great Yarmouth, Staffordshire

  • Intensive drift academy sessions
  • Spend 3 or 6hrs learning all about drifting
  • Drive the Nissan and Lexus drift cars
  • You can share the experience with up to 2 friends

What's Included

  • Intensive 1-2-1 driving course
  • Drive either a fully prepped Nissan 200SX, Lexus IS200 or IS250
  • Learn classic drifting techniques such as doughnuts, figures of 8, Scandinavian flicks along with forward and reverse P circuits
  • Impress your instructor by taking them on a high speed passenger ride, displaying your new drifting skills
  • You can invite up to two others to share the session with you
  • Light refreshments are included
  • Complimentary premium gift packaging from Into The Blue
Half Day
  • Three hours drive time
  • Please allow approximately four hours on site for this experience
Full Day
  • Six hours drive time with a one hour break for lunch
  • The extra drive time gives you the opportunity to work on more advanced techniques

What Can I Expect

When the operators of this drifting course tell you to 'wear your brave hat', you know they mean business! Billed as the most intense drift courses in the UK, you'll have the undivided attention of your drift instructor for the duration, as these drift experiences are on an exclusive one-to-one basis.

The drifting courses are run like a proper training academy, rather than just a taster experience. You, as the student, get to immerse yourself in the world of drifting. As well as running these courses, your hosts also compete in drift events, so it's a proper motorsport outfit, with a dozen school drift cars and two full-blown drift racers. And if you've never seen how it all works at the track, it's fascinating.

As you've got access exclusively to your allocated car for three or six hours, you'll start to get a real understanding of what it takes to run a drift car. It's the full package here, so as well as the tuition time, your car and the fuel is included. So are the tyres. That might sound obvious, but when you think a set of tyres on a car out on the dry surface will last between five and 10 minutes when driven hard, it can be a costly motorsport!

And indeed, if you do go out onto the dry, you'll need to allow time for tyre changes. But that's OK, it's a chance for you to marvel at the mechanics at work, chat with your instructor to answer any questions, or have a break and a cuppa before heading out to attack the drifting circuit again. If you choose to drift on the wet course, your tyres will last between one and two hours before a change is needed.

With the drifting courses being exclusive, the syllabus is adapted to you. It's also worth noting that you're essentially buying the track time in the car with the instructor, so you are welcome to invite up to two other budding drifters to join you and share the time behind the wheel. Personally, we'd be hogging the experience all to ourselves - it's not every day you get to be a student at the drift academy for this many hours!


  • Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year, depending on your chosen venue
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability

Scheduled 2024 Dates

Hertfordshire  Hoddesdon

  • Half Day : 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th May 

Great Yarmouth  Yarmouth Stadium

  • Half Day & Full Day:   27th April, 18th May, 29th June, 20th July


  • Great Yarmouth  Yarmouth Stadium
  • Hertfordshire  Hoddesdon (weekdays only)
  • Staffordshire  Stafford Car Driving Centre

Suitable For

  • Drivers are not required to hold a full driving licence, although an insurance excess applies of £39.50 to any drivers without a full licence on the day
  • Those with a current full driving licence must produce this on the day to avoid an excess being charged
  • Minimum age 12
  • Maximum weight 22 stone
  • Minimum height 4'6"
  • Maximum height 6'9"


  • Spectators are welcome and high speed passenger laps are available to purchase on the day

Anything Else

  • Arms and legs must be covered at all times (no shorts or T shirts)
  • Tyre changes and cool down laps are deducted from drive time. ie on a wet training surface rear tyres will last 1-2 hours, giving you ultimate drive time. If you opt for the dry surface tyres can last 5-10 minutes
  • Customers have an option of taking out a collision damage waiver at all venues on the day at sign up - £10 per driver
  • Dogs or other animals are not permitted on the race circuit