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Horseback Archery Warwickshire


  • Horseback archery classes in Warwickshire
  • Learn to handle a bow & arrow on a moving horse
  • Master letting go of the reins to shoot your arrow


What's Included

  • Start on the ground learning how to use your horse bow
  • Learn the technique of nocking your arrow before mounting your horse
  • After a short riding assessment you will start unleashing your arrows along the archery run
  • Sessions last approximately 1.5 hours
  • You will form part of a small group of up to three participants

What Can I Expect

As if using a bow and arrow to hit a target several metres away wasn't hard enough, imagine trying equestrian archery, when you're shooting arrows whilst astride a moving horse! This horse archery experience in Warwickshire is a brilliant way to take your archery skills to the next level.

In actual fact, you don't have to be a top scoring archer to be able to learn mounted archery. You'll start with full 'on the ground' training in how to handle a bow and arrow. Once you've got the basics of nocking the arrows and how to release them with your recurve bow, you'll move on to doing all of that from the saddle of a moving horse.

So. There you are on your trusty steed at the start of the 100m straight run used for horse archery practise at this Warwickshire equestrian centre. Your mount, having done this more times than they've had hay for dinner, is ready to run. Assured of foot and steady as she goes, you're off.

As you try and keep your eye on the series of targets to the side of the track, the moment comes when you will have to let go of the reins. In a split second your brain is screaming 'look no hands!', whilst you're trying to concentrate on blind-nocking your arrow (i.e. without looking) to the string of your bow, because you don't want to take your eyes off those targets.

The skill then is to know when to release the arrow, bearing in mind you are on a horse that's moving and the targets are not. We're sure there's some kind of algorithm to do with speed and distance here, but to be a true horse archer it's all about that natural instinct of timing and when to shoot your arrow. And hopefully yours will be landing on the targets with a satisfying 'thud'. Learning horse archery at this centre in Warwickshire will certainly give budding Knights another string to your bow.


  • Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year, with limited availability during the winter months


  • Warwick, Warwickshire

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 14
  • Maximum weight 16 stone for the half day horse archery experience
  • Suitable for novices and non-riders as well as those with experience
  • A good, general level of fitness is required


  • Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the action
  • No dogs are allowed on site

Anything Else

  • Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear with a flat sole (no trainers) should be worn
  • Participants should bring gloves and a change of clothes
  • All experiences take place outdoors
  • Covid secure measures are in place
  • Please ensure that you bring a belt with you on the day
archery with scenery
Horseback Archery Warwickshire
Horse Archery Experience
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