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Ultimate Aerobatics - The Utter Nutter

Chichester, West Sussex   

• Extreme aerobatics out of Goodwood Aerodrome
• Fly the craziest stunts in an Extra 300
• The Ultimate = classic display moves
• Utter Nutter = Cravats, Rouade, Mulleroid & more

What's Included

Both Experiences include:
• Detailed flight and safety briefing
• Introduction to the effects of the controls and aerobatics
• A 30 minute flight (chock to chock)
• Aerobatic manoeuvres will be demonstrated by your instructor
• De brief including: the amount of g pulled, a review of the flight and a signed flight certificate
• The chance to purchase a USB recording of your flight (£49)
• Please allow up to 2-3 hours on site for your experience

The Utter Nutter
• Experience the big five extreme manoeuvres!
Cravat, Inverted loop, Ruade, Inverted push-up to Lomcevak and Mulleroid
• You will have the opportunity to take controls during the flight to try some aerobatic manoeuvres

Ultimate Aerobatics
• A demonstration of aerobatic manoeuvres from your instructor
• The opportunity to take the controls and try a selection of manoeuvres such as: loop, aileron roll, stall turn, barrel roll, cuban 8, slow roll derry turn etc.

What Can I Expect

The boys and girls who run these ultimate aerobatics packages call it the 'Utter Nutter' and we think you do have to be just a little bit mad to actually want to get in one of these Extra 300 planes and execute the most extreme aerobatics sequence you'll ever see offered on any activity gift website anywhere

Believe us, there are not many qualified aerobatics pilots who can confidently pull off these manoeuvres and even the highly experienced ones are at risk of breaking out into a bit of a sweat when it comes to initiating these seriously extreme aerial stunts.

So if you think you can handle the world of high altitude rotations and spins, what can you expect on your aerobatics day here at Goodwood? Well, we'd advise you to expect the unexpected! G forces do very strange things to people, so you might find yourself grabbing hold of the shoulder straps as you feel yourself lifting out of your seat, or a bizarre urge to lift your feet off the floor when you get the odd sensation of being pushed into your seat.

One things for sure, forget the craziest theme park ride you've ever been on, this is way more extreme. And if you manage to complete the whole sequence, you even get your name added to the Utter Nutter roll of honour board in the clubhouse!

This ultimate display run of aerobatics is made up of five of the most visually impressive, technically difficult and physically challenging of tricks. The Cravat will have you twisting and turning on all axes, but that's tame when you compare it to the Inverted loop. You start by flying upside down, then execute a loop the loop that'll have you wondering which way is up.

The extremity factor is then upped another notch when you try a Ruade. This is a gyroscopic figure in the sky that'll see you tumbling over your own nose - and all whilst flying at high speed. If you're still compos mentis after that little move, it's time for an even more complicated Lomcevak tumble

Last but by definitely no means least, it's a Mulleroid. This is world aerobatics champion Eric Mueller's signature move in the air. The Extra will be pushed to limits of flying as you perform this complicated blend of vertical uplink, aileron roll and negative flick rolls above the peaceful West Sussex countryside, all finished off with an accelerated spin.

If all that is just a little too extreme for you, opt for the Ultimate experience, where you'll be busting some of the classic air display moves in one of the school's fabulous Extra aircraft. It's still flying by the seat of your pants, but less heart-stopping!

Phew! Just writing about these crazy experiences makes us feel exhausted. If you've got what it takes to tackle the ultimate in aerobatics you will love the extreme sensations as the expert display pilot shows off the aerobatic prowess of the Extra 300 above the rather lovely countryside around Goodwood in West Sussex. Not that you'll have much time to look, as for much of the flight you'll be upside down!


• All flights are subject to availability and weather conditions

The Utter Nutter
• Selected weekdays

Ultimate Aerobatics
• Choose from a weekday only voucher valid for weekdays only or an anytime voucher valid for weekdays and weekends


• Goodwood Aerodrome near Chichester

Suitable For

• Minimum age 12, over 71's will need a doctors confirmation that you are fit to fly, and take part in this experience
• Height restrictions: minimum 5ft, maximum 6ft 5ins
• Maximum weight is 15 stone 7lbs
• You will be required to complete a medical self certification form before flying
• Light flat shoes with good grip must be worn - trainers are ideal
• You will be kitted out with genuine military flying suits - please wear comfortable casual clothes to go underneath
• Changing facilities are limited
• Cameras are not allowed on board the aircraft


• Participants are welcome to bring up to two guests who may attend all briefings (subject to space)
• Additional guests are allowed, however, they may not be accommodated in the crew room
• It is not recommended to bring children to the airfield

Anything Else

• There is a restaurant on site which serves excellent food
• Aerobatic flights do not take place over the airfield, but spectators will be able to watch take off and landing of the aircraft


Average Rating 5
Total Reviews 4
Recommend to Friend 4
about 5 years ago
Genuinely awesome! Booking in with Jo was easy. Mike's pre-flight briefing explained the maneuvers and got the adrenalin going, but he was also very reassuring. The experience in the air was amazing. Each moves was more complicated than the last. Excellent fun and a proper adrenalin rush. Brilliant. Thanks Mike!!!
Steve Webb
about 6 years ago
For anyone with a bucket list or the need for a genuine thrill this is up there with the best. 1st rate briefing then into the plane for as much fun as you can throw yourself around in. My pilot instructor was Mags and she was just brilliant. Jo was a great host at booking me in and ensured I had a big enough flying suit. A BIG thanks to the whole team.
Hugh MCGivern
about 6 years ago
Had a great experience with Mark 'Greener' Greenfield (Utter Nutter himself) and Jo, looking after me and making the experience easy and relaxed - what a superb venue, fabulous !
Paul Duffin
about 7 years ago
From start to finish the team made this experience absolutely amazing. I was able to upgrade my package on the day to "The Utter Nutter", following a briefing from my pilot, Mark Greenfield. He, like all the pilots, is supremely well qualified and is reassuringly confident that you will have the time of your life. This was indeed 35 minutes of pure adrenaline.
Karl Gilbert
extra 300 aerobatics
Ultimate Aerobatics - The Utter Nutter
The Utter Nutter
Total Price£595.00
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