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Airshow Hero Extreme Aerobatics Experience

Manchester Barton Aerodrome

  • Be an airshow hero on this aerobatic flight
  • Fly in an Extra 200 out of Manchester Barton Aerodrome
  • Experience a sequence including 5 big aerial manouvres
  • Includes in-cockpit video of your reactions!


What's Included

  • High adrenaline aerobatics flight - not for the faint-hearted!
  • Experience the full capabilities of the unlimited category Extra 200 aircraft
  • Receive a detailed briefing before your flight
  • Your instructor will teach you how to cope with the high G forces
  • Experience extreme positive and negative G Forces and high rotational manoeuvres
  • During your flight you will complete 5 of the most demanding airshow figures
  • Edited cockpit video of your flight is included as a memento of your experience
  • Upon completion your name will be placed on the Airshow Hero Wall of Fame and you will receive an airshow hero patch

The Airshow Figures

  • Torque Roll  - The NWA signature figure starts with full power 210mph, 7g pull to a vertical climb whilst performing continuous rolls. Our speed will eventually decay and we will fall backwards though the sky whilst still rolling.
  • Mulleroid  - The classic airshow opener and extremely challenging to fly. Another max power, high speed, high g pull to a vertical climb whilst rolling. At the top of the climb the aircraft will resemble a frisbee as we transition to an accelerated flat spin to return to our starting altitude (aka the Maverick spin).
  • Ruade  - from the French language 'kick from an ass'. Using gyroscopics to play with physics the aircraft is placed into a 45 degree climb on its side (known as knife edge flight) and then tumbled nose over tail.
  • Outside Loop -  the most physically demanding manoeuvre, you will be subjected to high negative 'g' loads as the aircraft is pushed upside down around a loop in the sky.
  • Flicker Finish  - we'll leave this one as a surprise!!

What Can I Expect

Have you got what it takes to handle the Airshow Hero Aerobatics experience? Fly out of Manchester Barton Aerodrome in an Extra 200 aerobatic aircraft and be the champion of aerial stunts performed by your professional aerobatic pilot.

Writing this we are actually glad we have our feet on the actual ground. Just thinking about all those G-force pulling aerobatic moves makes us feel a little giddy. If you are the original adrenaline-hunting daredevil, you will absolutely love this experience.

The Extra 200 is an immensely strong aircraft with an unlimited aerobatic capability - but will this flight turn you into an airshow hero or zero?

Pilots flying their carefully choreographed routines at air displays handle extreme forces and you will be taught some ‘tricks of the trade' for coping with up to -/+ 7 G when performing aerial stunts.

Expect to go big from the moment you reach altitude, with a breathtaking sequence of up to five of the very best and most impressive aerobatic manoeuvres. Literally hang on tight, as your world is totally turned upside down.

Complete your mission and your name will be added to the Airshow Hero Aerobatics wall of fame and you will receive an Airshow Hero patch too. And as a super extra, your experience includes a video of your performance inside the cockpit - and that is bound to include lots of face-pulling and wide-eyed grimaces!


  • Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability and weather conditions
  • In the presence of low cloud, poor visibility, heavy precipitation (or waterlogged runways) your flight may be rescheduled


  • Manchester Barton Aerodrome, Eccles, Manchester

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 16
  • Participants must be medically fit, height equal or less than 6'2" and weight less than 98kg
  • You must be physically capable of getting into and out of the aircraft without assistance
  • For those over the age of 70 a GP letter confirming suitability must be provided

Anything Else

  • Your experienced aerobatic pilots will tailor the experience to you personally to try to ensure your comfort throughout
  • In the event you feel unwell you must tell your pilot immediately, who can arrange a break or return to land at any time
Airshow Hero-Girl Inverted Flight
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