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Junior Passenger Rides

The joy of our junior passenger rides. Just because you’re not old enough to drive yourself doesn’t mean you can’t experience motoring at its best from a young age. We’ve put together a collection of our favourite hot laps for kids in a variety of vehicles to get kids and the teens grinning from ear to ear. Whether you love the supercars, are desperate to do drifting, or want to big up the steeps and sideslips in a fancy 4x4, we’ve got them all for you, with our junior passengers.

Let’s face it, lots of kids love cars. You’ve probably got the posters on your bedroom wall, you’ve probably driven your fave cars in video games. These car rides for kids give you the chance to experience all that brake horsepower for real. Oh yes. Get in, get the seatbelt on and get ready for the passenger ride of your life, just for juniors, in fast cars and a whole lot more.  Read more...

Junior Supercar Ride
Based On 3 Reviews

Nationwide Locations

Save £20 From £49

    • Kids passenger rides in their choice of supercar
    • Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari & R8 available
    • Supercar passenger ride certificate for each child
    • Available at circuits around the country
4x4 Passenger Ride Experience

Nationwide Locations

From £29.00

    • Passenger rides in 4x4 off road vehicles
    • Voucher valid for your choice of venue around UK
    • At least 10mins per passenger of ride time
    • Ride with others to group your ride time in the car
Atom Race Ride
Based On 1 Reviews

Nationwide Locations

From £49.00

    • Experience going 'head-to-head' in an Ariel Atom
    • Ride as passenger as your pro-instructor lets rip
    • Track locations available across the UK
    • You'll be riding in a supercharged Ariel Atom
Classic Car Passenger Thrill

Nationwide Locations

From £49.00

    • Passenger rides in sporting classic cars
    • Offered at a range of tracks & circuits
    • Be driven by an expert driver on the track
    • Enjoy six miles as a passenger
Drift Lap Rides

Northampton, Oxfordshire, Hampshire

Special Offer From £15

    • Passenger rides in high speed drift cars
    • Be a co-pilot in a fully race-prepped drift car
    • Take part in a classic drift duel out on the track
    • Choose from 3, 6 or 12 hot lap experiences
Extreme Rage Buggy Passenger Ride

Leicestershire, Oxfordshire & Yorkshire

Special Offer From £30

    • Rides in the Rage Motorsports Hurricane buggy
    • Be a passenger with a pro-buggy pilot at the wheel
    • Tackle the challenging gravel & grass circuit
    • Scare yourself silly for around five laps!
Monster Truck Passenger Ride
Based On 2 Reviews

West Sussex near East Grinstead

Special Offer From £35

    • Be a passenger in a huge American monster truck
    • Go on a 15 mins ride around the show arena
    • Sit in the specially constructed rear cab of truck
    • Open to riders aged eight or over
Nissan 350z Drift Car Ride

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

From £29.00

    • Ride as a passenger in a competition drift car
    • Four laps in a Nissan 350z on a drift track
    • Witness the pro-drifter driving linked slides
    • Drift turns at speeds of up to 70mph
Race Car Passenger Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

From £29.00

    • High speed passenger rides in one or two race cars
    • Four laps in your choice of high-powered supercar
    • Professional drivers will pilot these amazing cars
    • Try to get through a lap without closing your eyes
Rally Car Rides Essex

Saffron Walden

From £25.00

    • Rally car rides at Langley Park in Essex
    • Be a passenger in a fully-prepped rally car
    • Ride the loose gravel rally stage at serious speed
    • Hosted by an experienced rally driver
Supercar Passenger Thrill Rides
Based On 1 Reviews

Staffordshire, Wigan, Anglesey, York

From £49.00

    • Experience a wild ride in a performance sportscar
    • Ferrari, Aston, Subaru, Audi and lots more!
    • Lots of tracks around the UK available
    • The best way to see what these cars can really do!

Junior passenger rides - just what the little petrol heads love!

These car rides for kids make for superb gifts for youngsters. Hot laps are one of the best ways to introduce car-mad children to the world of motoring. For a start, they are all operated by expert drivers. That means you’ll be getting the very best ride possible, be it in a flash sport cars on the track, or a massive monster truck in the dirt-filled arena, as the vehicle is pushed to the limits (with you in it) by the professionals.

Yep, forgot what’s it’s like on the daily school run in the family Ford. These car rides for kids take being a passenger to a completely different level. You’ll be amazed to find out first hand just how fast that Italian supercar can go. It’ll be a crazy ride if you opt for a larger than life vehicle like an American-spec monster truck and it’ll be altogether pretty eccentric if you head off for a tour in a steam car.

Great value for money car rides

Our fine selection of hot laps for kids is also great value for money. When you think about how much these vehicles cost to buy (not to mention all the maintenance, insurance and so-on), we think the price for our junior passenger rides is pretty reasonable. And let’s face it, being treated to a fabulous ride out in an equally fabulous vehicle is pretty priceless!

Of course, whilst these junior passenger rides are specifically aimed at young ones, the less young amongst you can also benefit from brilliant hot laps. Take a look at our high speed passenger ride category in our main selection of driving gifts. So whether you’re a tiddler or a grown, hop in to that passenger seat and enjoy the ride!


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