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Map Reading & Navigation

The Peak District

• Map reading & navigation in the Peak District
• Set off on foot from Stony Middleton with the host
• Learn about contours, grid reference & compass use
• You will be walking & navigating for around 6hrs

What's Included

A full day course in the art of map reading and navigation in the Peak District
Meet and greet one hour theory session over complimentary refreshments
Learn about maps, grid references/system and scales
Learn strategy, distance, direction, check off and overshoot
Understand contours, hazard awareness and route finding skills
You may be walking for up to six hours
You may be in a group of up to twelve people

What Can I Expect

Navigate your way and find the right way in just a day with this handy navigation and map reading course! Learn about contours, grid referencing and compass skills, all whilst you walk and discover the stunning scenery of the Peak District National Park. This course is perfect for building confidence when you're out and about in the great outdoors and getting you on the right track to becoming map savvy in no time.

Map reading courses are fast becoming popular, as more people choose to holiday at home in the UK and explore the beautiful countryside that our island has to offer. Hikes over hills and relaxing walks in the woods are proving a hit with people of all ages - but many are put off by the thought of getting lost, or wandering off the beaten track, so this course will give you the basics needed to go hiking safely.

With this course those fears are gone. You'll learn how to look at a map, read it correctly and translate it onto the landscape before you, using a range of orienteering and navigation skills. You'll discover how to interpret symbols, scales, grid references and contour lines, establish pace and timing distances, as well as route finding skills to make sure you get to where you want to go (and back!) with ease.

An added bonus is the location. A full day spent in the glorious surroundings of the Peak District, where dramatic rocky outcrops and lush valleys combine to create a memorable and enchanting scene. This wonderfully wild area of Derbyshire is ideal for developing and honing your map reading skills and each course takes in some of the best views in the region.

Group sizes on courses are kept small, ensuring map reading and leadership opportunities for all participants. For those who like to get out in the fresh air, these one-day sessions make for a fun day out with friends or family, offering challenge and adventure as well as valuable educational opportunities. We think they are ideal for anyone thinking of embarking on day or multi day treks or hikes, or even gap year students heading off on their travels for the first time.

If you think that your sense of direction needs a little fine tuning, then this map reading course is the answer. Combining instruction in essential outdoor skills with an exciting excursion onto windswept moors, this concise capsule of key knowledge and practice makes a fantastic gift both for keen hikers and those preferring a more sedate stroll - and you won't get lost!


On selected weekend dates throughout the year
Courses begin at 09:00 finishing around 16:00


Set out from Stoney Middleton in the Peak District National Park

Suitable For

Minimum age 14
• A ll under 18's must be accompanied by an adult
A good standard of fitness is required as you may be walking for up to six hours
All participants will require standard hill walking gear including good waterproofs and walking boots/shoes
A packed lunch with water should be taken