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Helicopter Triple: Tactical Lessons

Locations Nationwide

  • Three flights: one as the pilot, two as a passenger
  • Learn flying, navigation and observational skills
  • Take part in the Hover Challenge
  • At your choice of helipads nationwide

What's Included

  • A 45 minute helicopter experience including a lesson lasting approx 18 minutes
  • Experiences are split into three 6-7 minute flights (2 x observation & 1 x hands on flight with a hover challenge)
  • Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
  • Personalised flying certificate
  • Refreshments are provided
  • Flights are generally taken in a 4 seater R44 helicopter or similar

What Can I Expect

Do the triple with these tactical lessons! This helicopter challenge is offered at various venues around the UK, this aerial experience gives you three separate flights in a four-seater executive helicopter. You'll take one flight as a pilot and two as an observer.

During your trio of flights, you'll learn not just about the basic controls of a helicopter, but also the challenge of handling the demands of Navigation and Observation at the same time. When it's your turn to sit upfront as the pilot, you'll also get the chance to complete the Hover Challenge in the helicopter.

What we love about this skilful experience is that it gives you the opportunity to enjoy three separate flights. And that means a trio of takeoffs and landings, which have to be the most nerve-wracking and thrilling aspects of helicopter flying.

As part of your challenging chopper package, you'll also receive a full flight briefing and instruction from a trained helicopter pilot, who will be with you for the duration. Each student also receives a notebook, which details key information, theories and challenges of flying a helicopter. It also contains an individual log book, which you can fill out on the day and continue to use if you decide to book further flights.

Don't forget, the challenging chopper day also counts towards your total flying hours, should you opt to study for your PPL-H (Private Pilot License for Helicopters). Each of our flying schools hosting these triple flight packages can provide further instruction and training if this is the path you follow.

This triple-flight tactical lessons helicopter voucher is great value for money. It's brilliant that you get three opportunities to get airborne. You'll do some flying, some hovering and lear lots about the tactics and techniques of flying a chopper. Great stuff for all aviation fans.


  • Selected weekend dates throughout the year
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability and weather conditions


  • Co Down Newtownlands Airport
  • Isle of Wight Sandown Airport
  • Lanarkshire  Cumbernauld Airport
  • Leeds Leeds East Airport
  • Manchester Manchester City Airport
  • Nottinghamshire Nottingham Heliport
  • Surrey  Blackbushe Airport
  • Tyne and Wear  Newcastle International Airport

Please note locations may be subject to change

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 12
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult
  • Height restrictions: minimum 4ft, maximum 6ft 4ins
  • Weight restrictions: maximum 15 stone (95kg)


  • Spectators are welcome and may take photographs

Anything Else

  • You will be in a group of up to three participants for this experience


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