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Unusual Driving

    • Drive a genuine Fire Engine in Bicester
    • You will be driving a 10.6l V8 Dennis Fire Engine
    • Optional ride in a 1950s Green Goddess avilable
    • Get the sirens wailing & the lights flashing!
    • Drive a 4x4 like no other - it's very disobedient!
    • This modified Land Rover has reverse steer
    • You will also be blindfolded as you drive
    • Easy access to countryside venue nr Milton Keynes
    • Manoeuvre an eight-wheeled amphibious Argocat
    • Tackle the challenges of the all-terrain course
    • Drive down steep slopes, water and obstacles
    • Around 15 minutes of extreme amphibious drive time
    • Drive one or two genuine London buses!
    • Go nostalgic as you drive a Routemaster bus
    • Drive an 18m Bendy Bus too on the 'Old vs New'
    • Test your driving skills to the max!
    • Take a 3 tonne digger for a spin in Leicestershire
    • Dig holes and shift earth in this Volvo digger
    • Have fun earth moving at this former quarry site
    • Instructor demo before you're let loose to dig
    • Get behind the wheel of a 'Sporting Trials' Car
    • 1:1 onboard tuition from expert instructors
    • Discover the fiddle brake and 'bounce' techniques
    • Balance the throttle with limited grip
    • Learn about the operation of a Traction engine
    • Learn the engine start up procedures
    • Perform some manoeuvres with the engine
    • A short road run
    • Take the A Team van for a spin on the track
    • Drive a lookalike of BA's modified GMC Vandura
    • Choose three or six miles behind the wheel
    • Saloon car passenger ride available as an add-on
    • Play with worksite vehicles in Winchester
    • Dig, doze and dump soil in this construction machines
    • Articulated dumpers, bulldozers, excavators & more
    • Minimum age 16 - no need for a driving licence
    • Drive a very rare Stanley Steam Car
    • Tour the roads around Daventry and Warwickshire
    • A choice of tour drive lengths to choose from
    • Find out how these early 20th Century cars work
    • Ride a DTV Shredder in Leicestershire
    • Take on the Shredder track & the bumps if you dare
    • Shredders are a cross between a jetski & mini tank
    • Full safety gear (inc bluetooth headset) included
    • Learn to ride high-performance electric dirt bikes
    • Takes place at UK's only electric enduro centre
    • No clutch & no gears make these bikes easy to ride
    • All the dirt biker gear you need is included
    • Race 1200cc saloon stock cars in Birmingham
    • Up to 10 cars out on the track at once
    • Non contact racing on a 400m asphalt oval circuit
    • The 5 best drivers compete in a Showdown Shoot Out
    • Drive Ken Block style rally cars in Staffordshire
    • Ford Focus RS & Subaru WRX Sti around amazing courses
    • Four laps of the track in each of the cars chosen
    • Unique gymkhana-style Ken Block driving experience
    • Drive a Hummer H2 for 3 or 6 miles on the track
    • Takes place at Prestwold Driving Centre in Leicestershire
    • See how you handle this left hand drive hulk!
    • High speed passenger ride bolt-on available too
    • Drive an amazing Kubota RTV for off road adventures
    • Demo drive to see the vehicle's capabilities
    • Tackle the extreme 4x4 course with forest and moorland
    • Invite passengers to share the ride/driving
    • Drive a large monster truck and a little rally kart!
    • Monster trucks and RWD rally karts combined
    • Enjoy a total of around 25mins driving time
    • Event takes place at purpose-built offroad arena
    • Try the DTV Shredder - the latest adrenaline toy!
    • Ride this dual tracked vehicle offroad
    • Lean into the corners & learn to slalom like a pro
    • Full safety kit & training for all Shred riders
    • Stunt driving with a motor carnival atmosphere
    • Takes place at a stock car track in Birmingham
    • Drive loads of crazy vehicles & learn tricks
    • Handbrake turns, J-turns, double decker cars & more
    • Join the Auto Circus in Birmingham!
    • Drive some crazy cars & outrageous contraptions
    • Try 6 different driving skills
    • Closing ceremony to crown the Auto Circus champions
    • Discover these brilliant Yamaha Viking UTVs
    • Drive off road bowls on this purpose-built site
    • The new generation of 'SxS' off road buggies
    • Takes place at Eastwell Manor Estate nr Ashford

Unconventional, extraordinary and unique - that’s our unusual vehicle section

From comedy cars to classic Routemaster buses - that’s our very eclectic collection of unusual vehicles! If you’ve already driven the rest then it’s time to think out of the box and buy them an experience driving something completely different. 

Take a look at that Land Rover. It might like look like your average Landy, but try and drive the thing and you’ll soon realise it steers in reverse. What’s more, you might persuaded to drive blindfolded. Now whilst that doesn’t sound like a good idea to us, apparently those who have done it say it certainly adds an unusual twist.

And in a similar vein, there are madcap modified vehicles galore at the incredible Auto Circus. Cars on castors, rallying Reliant Robins and British banger racing at its best. Usually for a driving experience, you will be expected to race the wreck as hard as you can with no restrictions. Get fun.

Harking back to your childhood with some remarkable vehicles

There there’s the stuff of childhood dreams. Who hasn’t dreamt of driving a classic big, red double decker bus? This is your chance to grab that huge steering wheel and take an original London Routemaster bus for a spin around an airfield coned circuit. And take a look at this clip to see an experience day client demonstrating just how easy it is to slalom in a Routemaster bus.

If it’s all about heavy plant machinery, you’ll love the diggers, earth movers and dumper trucks. Again, these are vehicles you see on building sites all over the country on a daily basis, but it’s not that common to see them offered to the general public. This is one you should definitely book up in advance as it is permanently popular.

This is just a little taster of the fleet of unusual vehicles that are on our books. Have a browse of this rather distinctive section of our website and see what you can dig up!