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Monster Truck Experience

Monster Truck Driving Experience West Sussex
Based On 4 Reviews

West Sussex - East Grinstead

From £230.00

    • Big trucks and big-fun karts in East Grinstead
    • USA truck Grizzly - 12ft tall & 6ft high tyres
    • UK truck Black Ice - a crazy HiLux based monster
    • Drive all three different vehicles
Big Grizzly Monster Truck Drive

East Grinstead, West Sussex

Save 20% From £127

    • Drive a full-sized American monster truck
    • Meet Grizzly. He's 12ft tall with 6ft high tyres!
    • Steer this monster over two saloon cars
    • A total monster truck driving time of 15 minutes
Little and Large Driving

East Grinstead, West Sussex

Save 20% From £135

    • Drive a large monster truck and a little rally kart!
    • Monster trucks and RWD rally karts combined
    • Enjoy a total of around 25mins driving time
    • Event takes place at purpose-built offroad arena
Maxi Monster Truck Experience

East Grinstead, West Sussex

From £275.00

    • An action-packed half day of monster driving
    • Drive US and UK/Euro-spec monster trucks
    • Drive a modified Land Rover Defender
    • Have fun in an off road modified buggy too
Monster Truck Mayhem
Based On 9 Reviews

Telford, Shropshire

From £189.00

    • Drive a US spec monster truck called Mayhem
    • Truck is based on a Chevrolet Silverado US import
    • The truck is 14ft wide, 13ft high & 19ft long
    • Highlight is driving over parked cars in the truck
Monster Truck Passenger Ride
Based On 2 Reviews

West Sussex near East Grinstead

Special Offer From £35

    • Be a passenger in a huge American monster truck
    • Go on a 15 mins ride around the show arena
    • Sit in the specially constructed rear cab of truck
    • Open to riders aged eight or over
Monster Truck Thrill Ride
Based On 3 Reviews

North Shropshire

From £39.00

    • A ride onboard the monster truck called Mayhem
    • Climb the metal ladder to get into the cab
    • Family monster truck ride tickets available
Ultimate Car Crush Experience

East Grinstead, West Sussex

From £890.00

    • An exclusive monster truck experience just for you
    • Invite up to five along to spectate at the show
    • You'll be driving three modified 4x4 trucks
    • Crush a own pair of pristine cars in Grizzly
Monster Machines & Stunt Driving

Perranporth Airfield, Cornwall

From £199.00

    • Drive a variety of crazy stunt show vehicles
    • Hosted by Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show
    • Drive over crushed cars in a monster truck & tank
    • Experts will teach you classic stunt driving moves
Mud Monsters Experience

East Grinstead, West Sussex

From £165.00

    • Truck and 4x4 driving in East Grinstead
    • Take on 'Valley Drive', 'Meadow Meander' & more
    • Drive a Euro-spec monster truck, Jeep and Landy
    • All vehicles are non-standard modified monsters!
Tanks & Monster Trucks


From £225.00

    • It's tanks vs monster trucks on this experience!
    • Drive a FV432 APC and an Chevvy monster truck
    • When you're not driving be a passenger in the tank
    • Drive over scrap cars in the monster truck

The biggest, baddest monster trucks

Watch out there's a motorised monster about! Originating in the good old US of A (where legend has it a guy kept jacking his pick up truck higher and higher and that's how the phenomenon was born), this is freestyle motorsport at its very best.  Our American cousins watch monster truck shows starring these beasts in their millions with the arenas coming alive with the sound of V8 engines.

Now the love of big, big vehicles has come to the UK. We are offering you the chance to either hang out as a passenger or actually get to grips with driving one of these brutes and we thought it'd be useful if we gave you a round down of what the machines are all about. You can also see what the Car Throttle boys thought about their experience thanks to this monster truck drive day video.

Modifying trucks to turn them in to monsters

The first thing you'll notice is that big tyres alone do not make for a truck that's officially classed as a monster. Sticking big wheels on a normal body shell just wouldn't work, so although these creations are based on standard pick ups, they are heavily modified with somer seriously upgraded gear to cope with the height and weight.

For example, the US spec truck called Grizzly started life as a Chevrolet Silverado, but has been adapted with truck-style hydraulic suspension and with special axles, each of which weighs more than your average hatchback alone. Add to that wheels that are 5ft 6" tall and stick out from the chassis over a metre and you've got yourself a rather large vehicle.

The slightly less enormous European-spec trucks are usually built from something like a Toyota Hi-lux.  On these experiences you might meet Black Ice, with his 44" tyres and 18" suspension lift, complete with high-arc suspension and Ground Hawg tyres (loving the name!). The 2.4 diesel engine might be standard, but the handmade differentials from America most definitely aren't.

Now you've heard a bit about the technical specs of these things, you might be wondering how you even get inside the cab to sit in the hot seat? Well, it's a simple case of a ladder. And believe us, once you've scrambled up there, it feels really high off the ground - and that, quick frankly, is because you are. If you plump for a passenger ride you'll be perched on one of the eight seats specifically installed on the rear platform of the truck.

As for where you get to go in your big pick up, it's all about having it large over the bumps and ruts of the off road track. If you're very lucky you might even get to see the climbing prowess of the monster truck as you drive over a pile of cars making it all look ridiculously easy as you go. And don't forget, as well as the chance to drive one of these trucking monsters, you can also opt for digging, shifting and excavating with a fleet of construction vehicles.

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