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Private Flying Lessons

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Private Flying Lessons
If you've ever dreamt of flight then this selection of flying lessons will tempt you into the cockpit of your own plane and have you airborne in no time at all!

Lessons can be 'one-off' classes or part of a longer flying course aimed towards your PPL (Private Pilots Licence). Lessons take place at UK aviation and aero clubs nationwide where you'll receive qualified instruction from one of the pilots prior to flying the plane yourself. Flying lessons are purchased as gift vouchers and can be used at a number of schools and clubs operating out of aerodromes countrywide who may also offer helicopter lessons as an alternative to fixed wing aircraft.

Taster Flying Lessons

Taster flying lesson school with hands-on flying experience during first flight!

Venue Nationwide

From £59.00


Cheap Flying Lessons

Cheap flying lessons at aviation schools UK wide and throughout Scotland

Venue Nationwide

From £79.00


Learning to Fly Lessons

Flying schools offering one hour learn to fly lessons and pilot instruction,...

Venue Nationwide

From £135.00

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Become a Pilot

Pilots flying course with lessons available at UK aviation clubs and schools

Venue Locations Nationwide

From £495.00


Aeroplane Pilot Day

Immerse yourself in the aviation world with this Aeroplane Pilot Day Course!...

Venue Nationwide

Was £199.00 NOW £115.00


Trial Flights Nationwide

Trial flight lessons in four seater plane at schools around the UK.

Venue Nationwide

From £109.00


Flying at Biggin Hill

Lessons at Biggin Hill airport in Kent, one of the most renowned airports in...

Venue Biggin Hill Airport in Kent

From £95.00


Lessons over Lincolnshire

Take to the skies like a bird on the wing with our flying lessons over...

Venue Langworth, Lincolnshire

From £59.00


Flying at Manston

Take to the skies with some light aircraft lessons from Manston Airport..

Venue Kent International Airport

From £78.00


Lessons Oxfordshire

Come fly with us and discover a whole new world with these flying lessons over...

Venue Enstone Aerodrome

From £79.00


Flying over Northamptonshire

Try flying in Northamptonshire at this convivial and relaxed airfield for a fun...

Venue Turweston Aerodrome

From £79.00


Flying Lessons over Cornwall

Ever thought about taking flying lessons in the South West? If so, we think...

Venue Bodmin

From £79.00


Lessons Hampshire

Learn to Fly In Hampshire in a four seater light aircraft! The Piper PA 28...

Venue Andover, Hampshire

From £79.00


Flying Lessons Yorkshire

Take off on your airway to success with these Flying Lessons from Sheffield...

Venue Doncaster, South Yorkshire

From £79.00


Lessons Perth

Flying lessons Scotland out of Perth Airport! Once called Scone Aerodrome, this...

Venue Perth Aorport, near Scone

From £80.00


Flying Lessons over Blackpool Tower

Be part of this busy flying academy based at Blackpool airport with lessons...

Venue Blackpool Airport, Lancashire

From £85.00


Lessons Beverley Airfield

Enjoy multiple landings and take-off options at this Beverley Airfield...

Venue Beverley Airfield

From £89.00


Lessons Gamston Airport

Take to the skies with a trial flying lesson in North Nottinghamshire! This...

Venue near Retford

From £89.00


Flying in Staffordshire

These introductory lessons fly out of the busy little airfield at Tatenhill...

Venue Burton-upon-Trent

From £90.00


Lessons Cumbernauld

Take to the skies with a trial lesson at Cumbernauld Airport! This small, but...

Venue North Lanarkshire

From £90.00


Flying Lessons Cornwall

Stunning views over Cornwall and the surrounding coastline makes these...

Venue Newquay

From £90.00


Flying in Warwickshire

Two and four seater flights over Warwickshire. Light aircraft discovery...

Venue near Stratford

From £95.00


Flying at Newcastle Airport

Get a taste of the sky-high life at this professional Flight Training...

Venue Newcastle Airport

From £95.00


Durham Tees Flight Training

Spread your wings and head into the skies with this long-established Durham...

Venue Durham Tees Valley Airport

From £95.00


Flying Lessons London

This flying school based out of Elstree aerodrome is really convenient for...

Venue Elstree Aerodrome, Hertfordshire

From £95.00


Flying Lessons North Lincs

Realise those childhood aerial ambitions with these flying lessons from...

Venue Humberside Airport

From £95.00


North London Flying School

This flight training organisation offers trial lessons from Panshanger...

Venue Panshanger Aerodrome

From £99.00


Flights over Norfolk

Feel the buzz in a light aircraft when you take your flying lesson from Norwich...

Venue Norwich International Airport

From £99.00


Essex Flying Lessons

Cruise over the coastline on these thrilling Flying Lessons In Essex! This...

Venue Clacton, Essex

From £99.00


Flying Lesson Devon

A very friendly flying club offering short taster flights at a private airfield...

Venue Umberleigh, North Devon

From £100.00


Flying Lessons in Exeter

Get in amongst the aviation 'big boys' on these flying lessons in Exeter! The...

Venue Exeter Airport, Devon

From £100.00


Lessons Carlisle Airport

A small and friendly location for your flying lessons in Carlisle! Here's your...

Venue Carlisle Airport

From £105.00


Lessons Rochester Airport

Head into the blue with these airbourne trial flights in Rochester, Kent! The...

Venue Rochester Airport

From £105.00


Lessons Nottingham Airport

Enjoy a trial flight at Nottingham City Airport! This well-placed airport is...

Venue Nottingham Airport

From £105.00


Flying Lessons at Liverpool

Go sky high with these flying lessons over Liverpool: soar among the clouds,...

Venue Liverpool John Lennon Airport

From £105.00


Flying Lessons Bristol

Take your flying lessons in Bristol and you'll find yourself taxiing along the...

Venue Bristol

From £105.00


Lessons Earls Colne Essex

Feel the wind beneath your wings on these Earls Colne airfield lessons in a...

Venue Earls Colne Airfield, Essex

From £105.00


Lessons in Cardiff

Treat them to flying lessons in Cardiff! Do you know someone who would revel in...

Venue Cardiff Airport

From £105.00


Flying Lessons in Dorset

If you're in the south west of the country and want to take to the skies, these...

Venue Compton Abbas, Dorset

From £105.00


Flying Lessons Cranfield

If there's one name that's synonymous with flight training and flying lessons...

Venue Cranfield, Bedfordshire

From £105.00


Lessons from Staverton Airport

The sky’s the limit when it comes to these flying lessons over Staverton....

Venue Gloucestershire Airport

From £109.00


Lessons Wiltshire

Destination south coast for these trial flights in Wiltshire! Hidden amongst...

Venue Salisbury

From £109.00


Lessons Bournemouth

Try Flying In Bournemouth and take your first foray into the skies over the...

Venue Bournemouth Airport

From £109.00


Lessons Coventry

Find your wings at this Coventry flying school! All planes used are...

Venue Coventry Airport

From £109.00


Flying Lessons Swansea

Take your flying lessons at Swansea Airport and you will be getting airborne...

Venue Swansea

From £109.00


Flying Lessons Kemble

An aero club run by its members for its members - that's where you'll be taking...

Venue Kemble, Gloucestershire

From £115.00


Flying at Shoreham Airport

Reach for the skies with this range of Shoreham Airport flying lessons boasting...

Venue Shoreham Airport

From £119.00


Flying at Blackbushe

Their motto is 'Learn to fly with the friendly experts' and that's what makes...

Venue Blackbushe in Surrey

From £122.00


Flying Lessons Redhill

Flying lessons Redhill - with our full range of introductory packages, you'll...

Venue Redhill Aerodrome

From £122.00


Duxford Flight Experiences

Our Duxford flight experiences aren't just about time in the sky, they're a...

Venue Imperial War Museum

From £125.00


Flying Lessons Glasgow

Take your slot in amongst the 'big boys' with these flying lessons in Glasgow!...

Venue Glasgow International Airport

From £125.00


Couples Flying Experience London

Love is in the air with this very special Couples' Flying Lesson in...

Venue Panshanger Aerodrome

From £139.00


Landaway Flying Experience

Enjoy double or triple the time in the air with these Landaway experiences...

Venue 6 Locations Nationwide

Was £275.00 NOW £147.50


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