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Tiger Moth Flights, a Flying Experience from Into The Blue

>Step into the world of fabric covered wings, bracing wires and wooden props when you meet the Tiger Moth! This magnificent flying machine is the stuff of dr...
>Step into the world of fabric covered wings, bracing wires and wooden props when you meet the Tiger Moth! This magnificent flying machine is the stuff of dreams for any classic aviation fan and even today the Moth holds a very large place in hearts of anyone who has ever flown in one. This is British aeronautical engineering at its best!

With a fair few Tiger Moth planes still flying out of a range of airfields around the country, we are able to offer a variety of experiences in this wonderful biplane. We also offer flights in two other vintage cousins to the Moth - the Stampe and the Stearman, so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to experience old-school biplane flying courtesy of IntotheBlue! Read more...


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Tiger Moth Biplane Flights Duxford

IWM Duxford

From £149.00

    • Loan of 'Biggles' flying jacket, goggles & helmet
    • Full range of flight durations available
    • Fly at historic Duxford Aerodrome in Cambridgeshire
    • Free entry to IWM Duxford for those flying
Tiger Moth Wiltshire


From £189.00

    • Tiger Moth flying at historic Old Sarum airfield
    • A lesson in a fully restored 1933-built Moth
    • Aircraft served as an RAF trainer from 1933-1945
    • Fly for 20mins over the gorgeous Salisbury area
Vintage Flights in the Cotswolds

Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Free Gift Was £240 NOW £220

    • Tiger Moth flights out of Cotswold Airport
    • Immerse yourself in WW2 aviation for these flights
    • You'll be taking off from former RAF Kemble
    • Get kitted out in all the WW2 fighter pilot gear
Historic Tiger Moth Flight Shoreham

Shoreham, West Sussex

From £130.00

    • Vintage biplane flights from Shoreham nr Brighton
    • Fly in a Stampe or a 1940 Tiger Moth - your choice
    • Shoreham is the country's oldest licensed airfield
    • Great atmosphere at this Art Deco airfield
Aviation Heritage Tours

Bicester Heritage, Oxfordshire

From £259.00

    • Themed Tiger Moth flights over Oxfordshire
    • See WW2 airfield history from the air
    • Fly over key locations of the Civil War
    • Flights operate out of Bicester Heritage airfield
Bicester Heritage Tiger Moth Flights

Bicester, Oxfordshire

From £125.00

    • Evening flights in a vintage Tiger Moth
    • Operated out of Bicester Heritage (ex RAF Bicester)
    • Full range of flight durations available
    • Try a few aerobatic moves if you're up for it!
Tiger Moth Biplane Flights Devon

Umberleigh, Devon

From £189.00

    • Vintage biplanes flights from Umberleigh in Devon
    • Fly a 1943 Tiger Moth in full RAF trainer livery
    • Book late PM slots for optimal 'sunset' conditions
    • Your chance to fly the Moth during your lesson
Biplane Flights


From £149.00

    • Our most flexible bi-plane flight voucher
    • A choice of flight times and locations UK-wide
    • All flights give you time to take the controls
    • Fly in genuine biplanes such as Moth and Stampe
Boeing Stearman in Kent

Hythe, Kent

From £199.00

    • Fly in a 1942 Boeing Stearman American biplane
    • Take off from Pent Farm private airstrip nr Hythe
    • Fly the vintage plane yourself once at altitude
    • A 30 minute flight in this classic US biplane
Jackaroo Fly Days

Sywell Aerodrome, Northants

From £162.00

    • Fly in the super rare Jackaroo from Sywell
    • Only 19 of these planes were ever built
    • Jackaroo is a four seater touring plane
    • Converted from DeHavilland Tiger Moth
Flying in a Piper Cub

West Sussex

From £89.00

    • Grass roots style flying in the Piper Cub
    • Fly out of Shoreham Airfield in West Sussex
    • Plane is the military L18C Supercub version
    • Your chance to fly a vintage tailwheel aircraft
Stampe Flight in Gloucestershire

Staverton Airport

From £125.00

    • School headed by renowned pilot Tizi Hodson
    • This club has 3 Stampes from only 940 ever built
    • Vintage & modern option with the Stampe & Firefly
    • Full range of flight durations offered in Gloucs
Tiger Moth Dorset

Compton Abbas, Salisbury

From £179.00

    • Flights in a beautifully restored 1935 Tiger Moth
    • The plane has starred in several films
    • Superlative views of Dorset country & coast
    • A lovely place for friends & families to join you
Tiger Moth Flights in Oxfordshire

Chiltern Air Park, Wallingford

From £199.00

    • Tiger Moth flights from Chiltern Air Park
    • Hands on trial flying lessons - various durations
    • Fleet with several immaculately restored aircraft
    • Try some gentle aerobatics if you're up for it!
Tiger Moth Flight in Kent

Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent

From £135.00

    • Vintage biplane fying from Headcorn in Kent
    • Two Moths are on the roster here in Kent
    • One Moth is ex RAF built in 1934
    • Second Moth is a rare 1959 Australian built version
Tiger Moth Flights Sywell Northampton

Sywell, Northamptonshire

From £135.00

    • Vintage flying at Sywell in Northants
    • Moths used in Sywell as RAF trainers before WW2
    • Both a 1934 & a 1959 Moth in the fleet here
    • Enjoy hands on time at the controls as you fly
Flights in a Tiger Moth Plane

Redhill Aerodrome

From £115.00

    • Vintage flying at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey
    • Fly in a rare Portugese-built 1939 Tiger Moth
    • Redhill was the famed Tiger Club base 1959-1990
    • Nostalgic flying with aviator helmet & jacket too!
Tiger and Tracks Action Day

IWM Duxford, Cambridgeshire

From £489.00

    • Miliary vehicles, Tigers & Dragon Rapides combined at Duxford
    • Tiger Moth lesson, Dragon sightseeing & APC drive
    • Short hosted tour to a behind the scenes IWM area
    • Briefing & closing reception in the control tower
Ultimate Biplane Adventures

Salisbury, Wiltshire

From £450.00

    • Special themed flights in a vintage Tiger Moth
    • See islands, country houses, ponies, parks & more!
    • A variety of one hour flight packages offered
    • Voucher holder chooses itinerary when booking in
Vintage Stearman Flights


From £180.00

    • Fly in a restored BT-17 Boeing Stearman
    • Take off from Old Buckenham nr Norwich
    • Flight might include some aerobatic moves
    • Pre-flight familiarisation talk on the ground
Stampe Aerobatic Flights

Gloucestershire Airport

From £255.00

    • A 35 minute flight out of Staverton Airport
    • Flying tricks in a Stampe SV4 in Gloucestershire
    • Experience a full contest & display show sequence
    • Vintage aircraft aerobatics at its best!
T6 Harvard Trial Lessons

Kent and Northamptonshire

From £429.00

    • Fly in a Harvard from Sywell or Headcorn Aerodrome
    • This is a trial lesson where you take control
    • This T6 was upgraded to a T6-G in 1949
    • Full range of flight durations offered

The Tiger Moth - an aviation legend

The Tiger Moth has a fascinating history. The RAF needed a trainer and fast. De Havilland proposed the Gipsy Moth, but it was rejected with one of the main reasons being that the position of the aircraft's top wing meant a pilot wearing a parachute couldn't bail out of the plane. 

So de Havilland hastily went back to the workshop (no time for going back to the drawing board) and made several changes, including pushing the wings forward and created the Tiger version of the Moths.

From full production in 1932, to being retired from the RAF in 1952, this legendary aircraft was the RAF's Primary Trainer. She was a formidable plane for newbie pilots and although simple to fly, she's very difficult to master and can be quite a handful - especially in the wind. Instructor pilots loved it, as she certainly knew how to weed out the wheat from the chaff, making it easy to select potential fighter pilots.

Life for the Tiger Moths after the RAF

Around 8800 Moths were built and thousands of new recruits had their first taste of flying in a biplane, before progressing to fighter or bomber aircraft. Once demobbed, the planes found themselves new careers as everything from crop dusters to tugs. It's hard to imagine now, but post-war you could pick up a demobbed Tiger Moth for around £60, or you could get two for £100!

Thankfully aviation enthusiasts have kept several of these machines flying from airfields around the country. The oldest on our books is at Headcorn in Kent and she was built in 1933. She was actually the third ever DH82a version ever built and she's still as graceful and smooth as the day she first flew.

And don’t forget, we also offer flights in Stampes and Stearman biplanes. If you don’t know what they look like, check out the Stearman flying experience video filmed in Norfolk.

Experience the sheer glory of the Tiger Moth on your flight

As for taming this unlikely beast of the skies, one of the biggest challenges for modern-day pilots is that there are no brakes (!). You might have heard of the expression 'tail dragger' and that's because originally the Moth had no tail wheel, it was a metal plate that dragged on the ground to slow down, hence no tarmac runway takeoffs. Although many have been modified to include a tail wheel these days.

Having the chance to experience what it was like in the early days of flying is a real privilege. These Tiger Moths are absolute classics of the air and one of the most iconic planes in the aviation industry. She's no high-testosterone fighter, but she can certainly hold her own in the air. So prime the engine, magnetos off, pull the prop, set the throttle, call 'contact' to the ground crew and with a nifty flick of the propeller these vintage biplanes will roar into life...