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Singing Experience Days

    • A recording experience for two people
    • Tips from an experienced producer
    • Take home a souvenir recording
    • Choose from hundreds of backing tracks
    • Record your favourite family song
    • Professional standard studios
    • Suitable for up to 5 people
    • Studios Nationwide
    • A fun recording experience for kids
    • Suitable for all ages
    • Friendly studios across the UK
    • Souvenir recording of your song included
    • Perfect experience for mum and daughter
    • Perform and record your favourite song
    • Souvenir recording to keep
    • Fun studios across the UK
    • Record your favourite song in a studio
    • Friendly professional studio teams
    • Recording of your song to enjoy at home
    • Option to share with a friend
    • Experience a pro recording studio
    • Join friends or family to record a song
    • Suitable for groups of up to five
    • Over 15 locations nationwide

Tune in to our singing experiences

Has Britain got any talent? Well, a singing experience will certainly give you the chance to find out if you’ve got the X factor, as you warble away to your favourite tune as it's all recorded in a professional sound studio. Headphones on, take a deep breath and get ready to sing the high notes and rock out to the catchy melody. Get those vocal chords warmed up, it’s time to ‘lay down some funky tracks’, as those achingly hip musician types would say.

So how hard can it be this singing lark? Well singing in time, in tune and in the right key may all sound very obvious. And indeed, when you're singing to the radio in the car it might sound fine to you, but everyone's voice sounds very different to what you think when it's recorded…

But fear not, the teams of skilled engineers and technicians have got some magical gadgetry and tricks up their sleeves - we're talking autotune and echo! Mind you, we could ask where they were when Katy Perry sang Fireworks on the X Factor...ouch!

Sing a classic, a top pop song or even a number you've penned yourself

Lucky then, that everyone and anyone can be a perfectly in tune crooner.  Of course, that's all assuming you don't have any actual hidden talent. If you do, this session might be the step up you need to pop stardom. And although there are hundreds and even thousands of backing tracks to choose from, there's nothing to stop you recording your own little a cappella ditty should you wish. Stand back Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift there's a new singer songwriter snapping at your guitar strings!

Fun singing experiences in professional recording studios

It has to be said though, most people on these experiences are doing it for the sheer fun factor. Couples love putting their own vocals on their first dance track for their wedding. Families have a right laugh when they get all Jackson 5 and Five Star with kids and adults all joining in. And the teens go crazy for their very own mini superstar singer sessions a la Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande. You can even get all soppy with a mum and daughter singalong where you can perhaps serenade Dad?

But the best singing experience has to be the group one. Imagine organising a stag or hen weekend that kicks off with some studio time to record your very own anthemic road trip tune? Sing it our loud and proud at the top of your voices, warble like a diva and get on down like a funk king - and then watch as your track is transferred to CD to take away with you. Now that's what we call top of the pops!