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Nationwide Microlight Experience

20+ Locations Nationwide
Rated Based On 33 Reviews

  • One voucher valid for many airfields nationwide
  • All British Microlight Aircraft Association clubs
  • Insulated flying suits available for cold weather
  • Fixed & flexwing microlights offered by many clubs


What's Included

  • Take a trial flying lesson in a fixed-wing or flex-wing microlight
  • Ground briefing and explanation of the aircraft
  • Learn how the controls influence the flight of the aircraft
  • Opportunity to take the controls and fly the microlight for part of the flight
  • Insulated flying suits are provided for flex-wing flights
  • 20, 30, or 60 minute lessons are available
'Flex wing' microlights have open style cockpits and a wing like a hang glider
'Fix wing' microlights have a closed cockpit and resemble your typical light aircraft

What Can I Expect

Our best value microlighting lessons available nationwide! We are offering 20, 30 and 60-minute microlight experiences departing from airfields across the country. Your voucher is valid for all locations currently listed, making these microlight lessons our most flexible too.

All microlight experiences start with a pre-flight briefing, where you will be shown around the aircraft. The main characteristic is that it is really light (to be classed as a microlight it has to weigh less than 450kg). The basic principles of flight will also be explained - all fascinating stuff even before you've taken to the air!

Once securely strapped in, the instructor will handle the take off and climb. Having settled down into level flight, your pilot will demonstrate a few gentle turns and you will then be given the opportunity to try for yourself. You might not believe us now, but you'll find it's really quite easy (yet still totally thrilling!) to actually fly the microlight yourself.

Microlight aircraft are quite varied these days, with many clubs around the UK now flying modern fixed wing microlights that offer the comfort of a regular training aircraft, whilst others still offer flights in the flexible wing, 'open cockpit' style microlights, giving you that 'open to the elements' flying.

All microlight clubs and training schools we feature are part of the British Microlight Aircraft Association. As with all Into The Blue flying activities, all aircraft used on these microlight experiences comply with the British Civil Airworthiness Requirements issued by the CAA to regulate each aircraft, the manufacturer and pilots.

So if you want to buy a microlight lesson voucher that's flexible, these nationwide vouchers are valid at over 20 different microlight schools around the country. With so many locations, you are never far away from an airfield offering flights in these ultra light aircraft. In just a few clicks you'll have your best value microlight experience all sorted.


  • Microlighting is available throughout the year at most venues where conditions allow
  • Some flying venues are only operational at weekends or selected days of the week


Vouchers are valid for any of the locations listed.
Choose your preferred location when registering your voucher after purchase.
20 Minute Flights
  • Lincolnshire   Belton    - Flex & Fixed    
  • Somerset Bath - Flex & Fixed
  • Staffordshire Otherton Airfield - Flex
  • Wiltshire   Yatesbury Airfield - Fixed
30 Minute Flights
  • Berkshire  Membury Airfield, Hungerford - Flex & Fixed
  • Buckinghamshire   Wycombe Air Park, Marlow - Fixed (weekdays only)
  • Cambridgeshire  Ely - Flex
  • Hampshire  Popham Airfield - Flex
  • Hertfordshire  St Albans - Flex
  • Lancashire  Cockerham - Flex & Fixed
  • Lincolnshire  Grantham - Fixed 
  • Lincolnshire  Belton    - Flex & Fixed
  • Northamptonshire  near Corby - Flex
  • Northamptonshire  Sywell Aerodrome - Flex
  • Northumberland    Longframlington    - Flex & Fixed
  • Perth  Perth Airport, Scone - Flex & Fixed
  • Powys  Welshpool - Fixed
  • Somerset   Bath - Flex & Fixed
  • Somerset  Westonzoyland Airfield - Flex
  • Somerset  Taunton - Fixed
  • Staffordshire  near Lichfield - Flex & Fixed
  • Staffordshire  Otherton Airfield - Flex
  • Staffordshire  Tatenhill Airfield - Flex & Fixed  
  • Surrey   Blackbushe Airfield - Fixed
  • Wiltshire    Marlborough - Clench Common Airfield - Fixed 
  • Wiltshire    Yatesbury Airfield - Fixed
  • Yorkshire  Beverley (Linley Hill) Airfield - Fixed
60 Minute Flights
  • Buckinghamshire  Wycombe Air Park, Marlow - Fixed (weekdays only)
  • Cambridgeshire  Ely - Flex
  • Cheshire  Nantwich - Flex & Fixed
  • Derbyshire  Darley Moor Airfield - Flex & Fixed
  • Hampshire Popham Airfield - Flex    
  • Lincolnshire   Belton    - Flex & Fixed  
  • Lancashire  Cockerham - Flex & Fixed
  • Lincolnshire Grantham - Fixed 
  • Northamptonshire  near Corby - Flex
  • Northamptonshire  Sywell Aerodrome - Flex
  • Northumberland   Longframlington   - Flex & Fixed 
  • Perth  Perth Airport, Scone - Flex & Fixed
  • Powys Welshpool - Fixed
  • Scotland Kinross - Fixed 
  • Somerset  Bath - Flex & Fixed
  • Somerset Westonzoyland Airfield - Flex
  • Staffordshire near Lichfield - Flex & Fixed
  • Staffordshire Otherton Airfield - Flex
  • Staffordshire Tatenhill Airfield - Flex & Fixed
  • Surrey  Blackbushe Airfield - Fixed
  • Wiltshire  Yatesbury Airfield - Fixed
  • Yorkshire  Beverley (Linley Hill) Airfield - Fixed

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 14
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult
  • Maximum weight of 15 stone (100kg in Staffordshire) & (100kg in Somerset  Westonzoyland Airfield)
  • Maximum height 6ft 2ins
  • A good, general level of fitness and health is required
  • If you have any medical conditions please check this with your doctor, some providers may need proof of a doctors note to ensure that you are fit to fly


  • Spectators are most welcome to go along to the airfield to watch the take off and landing
  • Facilities on site vary from location to location

Anything Else

  • Flight times are 'chock to chock' so include taxi time
flex wing
Nationwide Microlight Experience Get this Experience


4.1 out of 5 stars

Average Rating: 4.1
Total Reviews: 33

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  based on 33 reviews

Rating: 5 stars
Chris Cox
The whole experience could not have been better. Steve is a lovely man and it was a pleasure to spe...
Rating: 5 stars
Nicola Gilpin
The experience was amazing! This was primarily due to the friendly and welcoming way it was deliver...
Rating: 5 stars
1 Months ago
What a great experience! Excellent value and enjoyed the thrilling flight around the South Coast!
Rating: 5 stars
Stephen riding
1 Months ago
top guy .. awesome experience
Rating: 5 stars
Alan Kilby
10 Months ago
Having flown microlights several times in the past, this was a great one at Otherton Airfield Staff...
Rating: 4 stars
John Baigent
It was a fantastic experience
Rating: 4 stars
Glyn Prowse
Fantastic experience, enjoyed every moment of it, from the briefing to the flight, amazing
Rating: 4 stars
Debbie Nicholson
Had a fantastic micro light flight with Stephen, he was great fun, made you feel safe and completel...
Rating: 4 stars
James cove
Easy booking, local venue and awesome flying experience.
Rating: 4 stars
Steve Pearson
It was fantastic. The gentleman was really nice and took me all over my local area and let me use t...
Rating: 4 stars
Dr Ali Ansarifar
A very nice and exciting experience of flying the microlight.
Rating: 4 stars
Great experience,explained what was going on and showed all the sights of the area, a great way to ...
Rating: 4 stars
Gary N
Went for the microlights based in Welshpool and Nick the chief pilot. Great flying experience with ...
Rating: 4 stars
Mark Brazier
Wow wee…What a great experience from start to finish!! All thanks To Terry he was welcoming and p...
Rating: 4 stars
Simon Rudge
What a great experience. Flying without being wrapped in metal is amazing! Andy was a great guy, f...
Rating: 4 stars
Matt Standen
Fantastic experience with Steve in Halfpenny Green. The flights was incredible and Steve is a great...
Rating: 4 stars
Microlight flight into blue skies
The microlite flight was a real high spot in the summer - literally! The instructor was friendly a...
Rating: 4 stars
Fabulous day up in the skies. Was lucky with the weather as it was very sunny so could see for mil...
Rating: 4 stars
Maxine rasmussen
A great experience,easy to book, easy to find, onsite cafe, lovely staff, great instructor, would r...
Rating: 4 stars
Harold Keeling
Superb location to fly from. Airfield had backlog due to bad weather in the morning and informed me...
Rating: 4 stars
Really enjoyable microlight flight, the instructor was very knowledgeable and informative
Rating: 4 stars
Peter Rushby
Flight from Cockerham near Lancaster. Instructor Barry was very welcoming and provided an excelle...
Rating: 4 stars
Louise Everdon
We paid for a microlight experience which wasn't we we got! We were told on arrival that a student ...
Rating: 4 stars
Peter Sage
Had my flight along with two of my sons and found it an amazing experience. Pilot "Barry Light" was...
Rating: 4 stars
Audrey Woodrow
I had a microlight flight at Purple Aviation at Eshott Airfield, Brockenfield Aerodrome, Felton, No...
Rating: 4 stars
mike cason
In a word wow thank you so much
Rating: 4 stars
David Conner
Brilliant experience. The instructor was very informative about what 'flexwing' microlights are an...
Rating: 4 stars
Zoe tyler
my husband very much enjoyed his experience although was not what we expected, i had booked for him...
Rating: 4 stars
S Chabane Microlight Lesson in Hampshire
My son (and I quote) was "gobsmacked" to receive his microlight flying lesson voucher. Once ba...
Rating: 4 stars
John in West Yorkshire
A fantastic way to see the world from the air - as close as you can get to flying like a bird!
Rating: 4 stars
Fiona Corbett
My son Luke went on a microlight flight and he came back glowing and thrilled to bits with the whol...
Rating: 4 stars
Becky - Microlight Lesson in Nottinghamshire
At 6ft 2 my boyfriend nearly stood taller than the craft itself when he arrived for his flight! Onc...
Rating: 4 stars
frederick golding
great experience. would do it again