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Adopt a Meerkat

REF: GR1030

• Adopt a Meerkat for 12 months
• The Magic of Meerkats booklet
• A photograph and booklet of the Meerkat
• 10% discount off the Meerkat Magic Tour


What's Included

• Your gift box will include a welcome letter, an explanation of your gift, gift registration instructions, The Magic of Meerkats booklet, Meerkat magic and the meerkat man and a 10% discount off the Meerkat Magic Tour
• After the recipient has registered they will receive a meerkat photograph and a personalised supporters certificate
• After registration the adoption is valid for 12 months

What Can I Expect

Hello peoples - here's your chance to adopt a Meerkat! These cuter than cute meerkats may now be the most famous mini mammals on TV, but in the real world they are looking to you to adopt them and make sure they continue to survive at this very special Meerkat conservation project in South Africa.

Your Adopt a Meerkat pack is full of information on these adorable little animals and once you have registered, you will receive a photograph of your very own adopted Meerkat and a personalised supporter's letter. Just don't go comparing the Meerkats though - they are all super cute and all looking to be adopted!

This conservation centre in Oudtshoorn offers a perfect adoptive environment for injured and orphan Meerkats rescued from the wild, with an 'observe and preserve' policy, so even though they have been adopted, the Meerkats are not tamed in any way. As very sociable animals, your Meerkat will live in a 'mob', 'gang' or 'clan' as they are known, with up to 30 other Meerkats and yes, they do spend a lot of time standing up on their hind legs checking out what's going on and yes, they do have remarkably human-like expressions and sitting positions that will make you laugh!

Included in your adoption pack is a photograph of your Meerkat, but if you do want to make the big gesture and actually visit the Meerkat Magic adoption centre you can, as they have open doors throughout the year and this pack includes a money off voucher for the tour. We must point out that the centre is in South Africa though - but even if you can't go all that way, you can sleep soundly at night knowing you've saved a Meerkat thanks to your adoption donation.

So if you know anyone who loves Alexsandra, the world's most famous Meerkat, they will absolutely adore this Adopt a Meerkat gift where you'll feel part of the cheeky Meerkat world whilst helping to fund this important conservation project too.

IntotheBlue offers a thoughtful selection of eco-friendly animal gift packages for helping and supporting our endangered animals including meerkats, tigers, monkeys, penguins and more. Please see our "adopt an animal " section for more information about this very worthwhile and unusual gift idea. IntotheBlue offers a wide range of gift suggestions which can be found on our main gift ideas page.


• Orders placed before 11.30am will be posted the same day, Monday to Friday
• Delivery is within the UK only and is not available overseas.
• E-Vouchers and Gift Box upgrades are not available for this product, it comes in a smart presentation tin as standard


• The Meerkats reserve is located in Oudtshoom in South Africa


• The Nature Reserve welcomes guests at certain times of the year

Anything Else

• You will need to register the gift before the expiry date on the registration booklet
• This gift package is produced in association with Meerkat Magic, the organisation does not just concentrate its efforts on one particular species so if for any reason your chosen project is unavailable, the organisation reserves the right to allocate the donation wherever they feel the need is greatest
• For every person that registers their gift, approximately 10% of the RRP is donated directly to Meerkat Magic
• The tour discount is valid for one tour only
• This is a novelty gift item and must be regarded as such
Adopt a Meerkat
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