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Adopt & Sponsor an Animal

    • Adopt one of four endangered species of big cats
    • A3 big cats poster and a presentation certificate
    • A regular newsletter direct from the charity
    • Adopt a Donkey for 12 months
    • Information on the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary
    • A personalised certificate
    • A coloured photo of the Donkey
    • Adopt a wild giraffe for 12 months
    • Personalised supporter Certificate
    • Giraffe souvenir poster and a booklet
    • One free entrance ticket for Colchester Zoo
    • Adopt a Meerkat for 12 months
    • The Magic of Meerkats booklet
    • A photograph and booklet of the Meerkat
    • 10% discount off the Meerkat Magic Tour
    • Adopt one of five endangered species of Monkeys
    • Endangered monkeys and apes booklet
    • An A3 wall poster and a presentation certificate
    • Regular PTES newsletters
    • Adopt a giant panda for 12 months
    • Receive a personalised supporter certificate
    • Giant Panda souvenir poster
    • Leaflets on protecting Pandas
    • Adopt a Penguin for 12 months
    • A personalised certificate with the Penguins name
    • A photo of your chosen penguin
    • S complimentary ticket to any Sea Life centre
    • Adopt an African elephant for 12 months
    • A personalised supporter certificate
    • Elephant photograph
    • Free ticket to Colchester Zoo
    • Adopt a rescued owl for 12 months
    • A Personalised supporter certificate
    • One free ticket to Turbary Woods Sanctuary
    • The Magic of Owls booklet and poster

Adopt and animal and help a good cause

A present with a heart and a conscience - that's our adopt an animal gifts for you! You might be helping to save an abandoned donkey who's walked his last walk on the beach, assisting with research into the lives of polar bears on the frosty ice-caps, or simply making sure that some of the thousands of puppies and kittens without homes are well looked after.

How these adoption schemes work

If you've never adopted a furry friend before, we'll explain how it works. The majority of our sponsorship packs come in a funky little tin, with an adorable picture of the species you'll be helping on the front. Lift the lid and inside you'll find a wealth of information on the charity, sanctuary or welfare project you'll be helping, as well as a photo your chosen non-human. It might be a new little or very large friend, with everything from graceful giraffes to teeny snowy owls seeking adoptive human parents.

Some packs also include free or discounted tickets to visit centres and zoos in the UK that run or partner the adoption schemes you’re supporting with these gifts.

So what sort of preservation projects need your cash?

Well, as the saying goes 'It's a dog's life' and in Borneo it's certainly a dog eat dog world, with even the rescue centres for our canine friends often overcrowded, so it's good to know that by supporting this international charity you'll be providing proper welfare and help for strays and street dogs.

Thanks to a certain advertising campaign, one of the most popular mammals to adopt is the Meerkat. They are undoubtedly gorgeous, but they also need your help at a special conservation project in South Africa, providing a safe and secure environment for poorly, orphaned and injured Meerkats. We have to say, it doesn't get much cuter than that.

If it's impressive rather than adorable you're looking for, we can recommend a Big Cat adoption scheme. You can pick from a pride of fierce felines, from the super fast Snow Cheetah to the much-loved Tiger. Once again, you will be providing much-needed aid to projects around the world all with the aim of offering a better life to those species at risk.

Schemes closer to home include an adoption pack to support wolves at a specialist conservation centre in the UK. Often misunderstood creatures, wolves are fascinating as you can see from the Wolf centre’s open day video.

Help your favourite animal with a one year adoption scheme

Adopt an animal today and you will sponsoring them for a full year. Whether it's helping yelping puppies, lovable kittens, neglected ponies or panda breeding programmes, it's all in this adoption section of the IntotheBlue website. Paw over the choices and see what gets your tail wagging!