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Stunt Driving Hertfordshire

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire   

• Stunt driving at a private proving ground in Herts
• Courses to cover the basics & more advanced moves
• Highlight is handbrake turn parallel parking
• Car used is a rear wheel drive Mazda MX5

What's Included

All experiences include:
• Drive a track prepared RWD Mazda MX-5
• Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
• You will form a group of up to 3 people per car
• Performance driving debrief with your instructor

Stunt Taster Session
• 2 lessons learning how to execute handbrake turns, including parking space challenge
• High speed reverse J turns
• Please allow 90 minutes on site with approx 25 minutes personal drive time

Pro Stunt Session
• 3 lessons learning how to execute handbrake turns, including parking space challenge
• High speed reverse J-turns
• Learn rolling donuts using power oversteer
• Please allow 90 minutes on site including drivers safety briefing with approx 50 minutes personal drive time

What Can I Expect

If you fancy pulling massive motoring moves like they do in films, then go on a stunt drive in Hertfordshire! These taster and pro stunt driving classes take place at a private proving ground just outside Hemel Hempstead and combine spinning thrills with excellent tuition.

You could say the team here is totally dedicated to stunt driving and motorsport, or you might just say each one of them is totally nutty about busting out crazy car moves. Either way, this young and dynamic crew is sure to bring out the big kid in you - grinning from ear to ear when you nail that first tyre smoking donut!

We are offering two different types of stunt driving class here in Hertfordshire. For those who'd like to dip their toe in the world of freestyle car driving, we've got the taster session. During the class you'll learn the basics of precision driving so you can pull off those moves that look as if you're about to lose the car, when you're actually fully in control of the vehicle.

Those basic stunt driving moves include the classic J-turn and inch perfect handbrake turns, to get the tyres smoking. All pretty impressive stuff, so make sure you've got friends and family watching to see you fancy feats.

If you opt for the pro stunt drive at this Hertfordshire centre you'll enjoy an extended experience that gives you loads of time to perfect those moves. All students will have plenty of time at the wheel to learn and practise some tarmac-scorching antics, taking your driving techniques to the next level.

As well as those high speed handbrakes turns and J turns, you will have the chance to try power oversteer donuts - very smooth. And our favourite session during this stunt class is driving into a car parking space, but not by reversing in, more by flinging it into the spot via a nice handbrake turn.

The stunt driving gauntlet has most definitely been laid down!


• Selected weekdays throughout the year
• Upgrades to include Saturday mornings are available (payable direct when booking your date)
• Experiences are subject to availability and weather conditions


• Bovingdon Airfield, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Suitable For

• Height restrictions: minimum 5ft, maximum 6ft 2ins
• Weight restrictions: maximum 18 stone
• A full manual driving licence is required
• Participants must be physically fit with no serious health conditions


  • Friends and family are welcome to come along and can participate in passenger hot laps  or driving laps,  for an additional charge payable on the day

Anything Else

  • Flat soled shoes must be worn
  • Glasses must be worn if needed
  • Refreshments and snacks are available to purchase onsite
  • Any participant entering a vehicle will be requested to complete a Disclaimer in order to participate in their experience
  • Rebooking within 14 days of your booking will incur a fee. For further details please visit


Average Rating 4
Total Reviews 4
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about 6 years ago
Very good, but could have been a longer experience
about 7 years ago
Had a great day! Instructor really good and let's you keep trying until you get it :-)
about 7 years ago
Really good fun. Spent the afternoon learning how to J-turn, handbrake turn and bay park and then link them all together. At the end of the day we were also learnt how to 360 at 55mph. You will need to drive to the airfield, or get a taxi from the railway station as it's off the A41
about 7 years ago
Only problem was the cold while waiting for your go. Otherwise an excellent day.
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Stunt Driving Hertfordshire
Stunt Drive Taster
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