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Rally Car Rides Essex

Saffron Walden   

• Rally car rides at Langley Park in Essex
• Be a passenger in a fully-prepped rally car
• Ride the loose gravel rally stage at serious speed
• Hosted by an experienced rally driver

What's Included

• Instructor driven high speed passenger ride in your selected rally car
• Welcome and introduction to your instuctor and the rally cars
• 6 miles (2 laps) of the rally stage
• Allow up to one hour on site for this experience

The Cars
• Front wheel drive, Suzuki Swift Sport Cup Car
• Four wheel drive, Mini Countryman Cooper S Prodrive
• Rear wheel drive, Sierra Cosworth
• Four wheel drive, Subaru Impreza Prodrive 300HP

What Can I Expect

If you want to go fast in a car, our rally rides in Essex are for you! All rally drivers have a co-pilot. They sit in the front passenger seat trying to read pace notes, whilst the rally car is hurtling along, jostling and jolting you all over the shop. You'll get a little taste of this when you go on your rally passenger laps in Essex.

Luckily, you won't be given a notebook and be expected to read out stats on every bump, crest and curve you're about to encounter on these rally rides. In fact, if your rally driving host closed their eyes, they'd see every inch of this course, they know it that well. Legend has it, they even dream about the racing line and braking points. So, as you will be exempt from any navigational duties, it's the chance to sit back and enjoy the ride…

Except that a ride in a rally car around this Essex stage will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Even the littlest car driven by a pro turns what should be quite a gentle, everyday hatchback like the Suzuki into a rallying pitbull. It digs in, it powers out of the tight corners, whilst you're being held down in your seat by the harness.

Same with the Mini Cooper S passenger rides. You'd think a car like this would prefer to just pootle along the city streets, but no. It's an all wheel drive rally pocket rocket in the hands of an expert. Again, your driver will be flinging the Mini around the track. Then there's the chance to go proper old school with the Sierra Cosworth passenger rides. This is rear wheel drive rallying at its best and it'll take your right back to the 80s!

For the ultimate in passenger rides it's got to be the Subaru. This car is the stuff of legends. It grips like glue on the loose gravel, when most cars would be scrabbling to get any traction at all. Gracefully skimming along the course, the dust will certainly be flying as you ride the ride. It's eye-wateringly fast and what the expression white knuckle was invented for.

Take your pick of cars for these rally rides and get ready to realise just what it's like to be in a proper rally driving car, on a proper rally course!


• Selected Saturdays throughout the year
• Experiences are subject to availability and weather conditions


• The rally stage is located near Saffron Walden in Essex

Suitable For

• Minimum age is around 10 years of age, subject to minimum height restriction
• Maximum weight is 18 stone
• Minimum height is 5ft, maximum height is 6ft 4ins
• Safety helmets are provided


• Spectators are welcome and there are great viewing areas of the whole track

Anything Else

• Snacks and refreshments can be purchased from the on site cafe
• Additional pay on the day activities are available
• All drivers on the day will have the option to pay a non-refundable £25 damage waiver which will cover them against any damage that may be caused to the vehicle(s) in the event of an incident
• Drivers who do not wish to take this waiver will need to sign a disclaimer and will need to be able to cover the cost on the day for any damage to the vehicle up to a maximum amount of £5000. Credit card details will need to be provided with £5000 limit or above for this reason. Debit cards are accepted however please be aware a pre-authorisation applies to debit cards to check funds are available
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Rally Car Rides Essex
Suzuki Swift Passenger Thrill
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