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Supercar Pro Driver Passenger Blast

Venues UK-wide   

  • Passenger rides in the finest supercars out there
  • At a custom designed circuits or track near you
  • Enjoy three laps of warp-speed driving
  • Suitable from just 8 years old

What's Included

  • A 3 lap passenger ride by a trained professional driver at the wheel
  • Welcome and safety briefing
  • Experience the amazing performance of the cars and the skills of the driver as you blast down straights and hold on tight through the bends
  • Choose stunning models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi, and others
  • Lamborghini Huracan is £20 upgrade payable direct
  • Expect to be on site for around 2 to 4 hours

What Can I Expect

Custom designed circuit  passenger rides at venues near you! Three laps of total revs and awesome acceleration for these fabulous passenger rides at tracks and circuits around the country.

From Crail to Dunsfold, via Blyth Park and Llandow, passenger ride experiences are held at some of the best tracks in the UK. Expect some decent straights, some thrilling chicanes and some tricky hairpins - all tackled head-on at maximum speed.

For a passenger ride like this you need two things: 

  1. A decent car
  2. A decent driver

You're in luck, because both of these are very much on the menu. This track day operator has a finely-curated car collection featuring some of the most coveted supercars currently out there. Forget cruising the boulevards of Dubai or the famous avenues of Monaco, where it's all about being seen. These sessions are all about going too fast to be seen!

That's where your driver comes in. Each one is professionally trained. They'll be ready revving the engine, waiting for you to jump into the passenger seat. Harness or seatbelt on and you're off. A nice smooth little rolling start...and then suddenly you're off like a bullet. Pushed back into your seat, your hand instinctively reaches for that grab handle over the door that you've never ever used before.

Now you know what being a race circuit passenger is all about. It really is some ride. For three hair-raising laps you'll be storming the track in a very fancy supercar. When you pull back into the pit lane you're more than likely to be grinning from ear to ear as you step out of the car.

We are offering custom designed circuits passenger rides at a whole range of locations, so there's bound to be one on offer near you. What's more, the minimum age is just eight years old, so kids and big kids alike can enjoy these rip-roaring rides. 


  • Choose from a weekday only voucher or for weekend availability opt for the anytime option
  • Morning and afternoon sessions are generally available
  • Available on selected dates throughout the year, depending on your chosen venue


Venues are subject to change and are updated regularly

  • Crail  Crail Raceway (weekends only)
  • Fife  Fife Airport Circuit
  • East Lothian  East Fortune Airfield
  • Carlisle  Kirkbride Airfield, Wigton
  • Ellesmere Port  Hooton Park Circuit
  • Lichfield  Curborough Sprint Circuit 
  • Gainsborough  Blyton Park Circuit
  • Suffolk  Woodbridge Airfield
  • Hampshire  Aldershot The London Circuit
  • Surrey  Dunsfold Circuit £20 upgrade payable direct when booking
  • Vale of Glamorgan  Llandow Circuit

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 8 years
  • Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult on site


  • Welcome to watch from designated viewing area

Anything Else

  • Various media options are available to purchase on the day
  • Participants should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their session start time for registration
Delivery TypeDelivery TimePrice
Standard DeliveryEstimated 2-3 days - Most delivered next working day*£1.95
Weekly Special DeliveryGuaranteed next working day£7.50
Saturday Special DeliverySaturdays Only£11.70
European Delivery3 - 5 working days£4.50
Rest of World Delivery5 - 7 working days£6.50

All orders places before 4pm will be dispatched the same working day

* 93% delivered next working day

All orders are sent in plain packaging so as not to ruin the surprise.

standard gift pack
Premium Gift Pack

Premium Gift Pack includes a brushed metal steel tin which will hold your personalised gift voucher and a Company booklet. The Premium Choice.

(incurs a £4.99 shipping charge)

standard gift pack
Standard Gift Pack

Standard Gift Pack Comes with a Smart envelope,your personalised gift voucher and a Company booklet. The Personal Choice.

(incurs a £1.95 shipping charge)

standard gift pack

The Into the Blue E-Voucher is an instant email option,it consists of a personalised email and a pdf download of your personalised gift voucher.The Instant Choice


Vouchers are usually valid for 20 months from the date of purchase (unless otherwise stated) and shall become invalid on the expiry date. The expiry date is set out on the Voucher. Vouchers may be extended for a further 23 months on payment of an admin fee of £10 plus any increase that may have taken place for that activity since the original date of purchase. Please note that some Vouchers cannot be extended; this will be stated on the Voucher. PLEASE NOTE: You must book and take your experience before the before the expiry date of the voucher.
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Supercar Pro Driver Passenger Blast
3 Lap Weekday Passenger Ride
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