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Coasteering and Gorge Walking

Canyon Scrambling in Scotland
Based On 1 Reviews

Perthshire near Aberfeldy

From £45.00

    • A canyoning and scrambling experience
    • Swim through white water pools
    • Allow three hours for this experience
    • All equipment is provided
Canyoning Fort William

Inchree Falls, Fort William

From £55.00

    • A three hour canyoning experience
    • Fantastic views over Loch Linnhe
    • Helmets and life jackets are provided
    • Available daily throughout the year
Coasteering in Cornwall

Near Newquay

From £55.00

    • Try rock climbing, canyoning and cliff jumping
    • Plenty of time to enjoy nature’s watery wonderland
    • Protective clothing and wetsuits are provided
    • Activities lasts between two and three hours
Coasteering Oban

Oban, Scotland

From £60.00

    • A three hour exhilarating coasteering experience
    • A fully qualified guide with you at all times
    • Clamber along cliff tops and leap into water pools
    • Thermal suits and specialist equipment is provided
Gorge Walking in North Wales
Based On 3 Reviews

Near Llangollen

From £56.00

    • Choice of 2 gorges with different difficulty levels
    • Be accompanied by fully qualified instructors
    • Session lasts around three hours
    • An unforgettable experience that you will not forget
Gorge Walking in South Wales

Near Brecon

From £79.00

    • The walks take place in Welsh scenery and gorges
    • Traverse along rock walls and leap across boulders
    • Available weekday and weekend dates
Gorge Walking in The Peak District


From £49.00

    • Gorge walking in the heart of the Peak District
    • Scramble up ghylls and gorges with a guide
    • All the equipment you need is included
    • Come face to face with waterfalls and plunge pools

Go for it on a gorge walking experience!

The fun fear factor with no pressure - that's what we're offering with these brilliant gorge walking expeditions. One thing's for certain, you will get wet. Soaked in fact, as you tackle ledges, narrow gorges and gaps, walkways and cliffs, all in the name of adventure. It's also going to be a stonking muscle workout as you jump, scramble, climb, abseil, slide and dive your way along coastlines and gorges in gorgeous settings.

And although you might think it's all about the physical, it's also very much about nature’s best backdrops, as you find yourself walking behind a gushing waterfall in North Wales, or jumping off a rocky ledge into the sea in rugged west Scotland when you go coasteering. Exploring Mother Nature's finest features with just your feet to carry you gives you an amazing rush and sense of freedom, all a very long way away from everyday life.

It has to be said, when we talk about canyoning and canyoneering you might immediately think of the USA, but here in Great Britain, where we generally call this outdoor pursuit gorge walking, we've got some amazing places to discover too. These instructor-led trips in the UK mainly take place in the mountainous parts of Wales, Scotland and along the Cornish coast too, as you can see from this gorge-walking video in the Brecons.

All the equipment to walk the gorges provided for you

In all cases, safety is of paramount importance and all the instructors and guides are fully qualified to be able to take walkers out into the ravines and couloirs. All the gear you need is included, such as wetsuits, helmets, ropes, harnesses, shoes and gloves, so all you need to bring along is some bravery, a bit of gung-ho and a 'give anything a go once' attitude.

Instructors are very patient and are conscious that your day out in the gorges and ravines are about you having fun, rather than being scared witless, so there's no pressure to do anything that is too far out of your comfort zone. But it has to be said, you might even surprise yourself how addictive jumping off 30ft cliffs can be!

Coasteering or gorge walking - the difference explained

Oh and while we're here, let's explain he difference between a gorge walk and coasteering. The first uses the deep, narrow valleys usually with water running through them (you might also call them chines or cloughs) and you'll be tackling a technical descent of these gullies, whilst coasteering takes place (unsurprisingly!) on the coast and can be a hike or a traverse across the rocky cliffs and may include some swimming and diving into the deep blue sea.

So there you go. Whether it's coasteering your way around Cornwall's gorgeous beaches and coves, or heading deep into the Brecon to take a leap of faith into a fast-running river, we think you'll love the spirit and excitement of being a fully-fledged gorge walking adventurer by the end of your exploits.

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