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High Ropes Courses and Zip Wire Experiences

Whizzing along zip wires and walking along high ropes will see you ‘going ape’ as you tackle high-level platforms, plank bridges, walkways and a whole world of aerial challenges that are perched way up above the ground. Time to test your mettle in the treetops and forests of the UK!

A sense of adventure is essential, as you could come face to face with some pretty scary obstacles. With these sort of high rope courses, safety is of major importance, so you will be kitted out with all the gear including harnesses and helmet. A ground briefing will tell you all you need to know about the challenge and once you set off, the staff are with you every step of the way. If you've ever fancied playing in the trees, a high ropes course is ideal for cheeky monkeys of all ages! Read more...

High Ropes Harrogate
Based On 1 Reviews


From £30.00

    • A high ropes challenge with a variety of obstacles
    • Leap of Faith, Jacobs Ladder and Crate Challenge
    • A high beam log walk 11m above the ground
    • Suitable for ages 8 or over!
High Ropes Hertfordshire
Based On 4 Reviews

Ware, Hertfordshire

From £25.00

    • Up to two hours of high wire fun
    • Safety briefing by an ERCA certified instructor
    • The opportunity to ride the Big Zip
    • Takes place in Ware, Hertfordshire
High Ropes in Essex

Brentwood, Essex

From £28.00

    • High ropes fun near Brentwood in Essex
    • 60 meter Zip Line, Climbing Wall and Fan Descender
    • Tackle rope bridges, nets, poles, planks & more
    • 2.5hrs to explore as many of the routes as you like
High Ropes in York

North Yorkshire

From £15.00

    • Leap and swing through the branches
    • 22 different challenges of varying difficulties
    • Safety briefing by an ERCA qualified instructor
    • Free entry to the adventure park is included
Bear Grylls Adventure

The NEC, Birmingham

From £35.00

    • Embark on a unique Bear Grylls Adventure!
    • After Basecamp, tackle your chosen 'Hero' activities
    • iFlY, high ropes, diving, escape rooms & more
    • Tackle the tough mental & physical challenges
Group Hyperslide Zipwire

Devon, near Dawlish

From £15.00

    • 200m zipwire adventures
    • Freeride or target challenge options
    • Ideal for groups or parties of 6+
    • Prices from just £15
Abseil, Zip Wire & Parachute - Three Great High Wire Experiences
Based On 2 Reviews

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

2 for 1 From £60

    • The world's highest indoor zip activities!
    • Triple Whammy gives you 3 high level challenges
    • Take on the zip wire, free abseil & Powerfan
    • Located at Magna in the north Sheffield area

Explore the world sky-high above the ground on a high ropes course

Run the gauntlet on zip wires and move deftly along the high ropes with these experiences that'll see you tackling aerial challenges at adventure parks around the country. It's all about ropes, cords and cables as you clamber aloft the platforms and psych yourself up to go whooshing along the zip wires in what we consider to be one very thrilling outdoor activity. You just can't beat a high rope course for that adrenaline rush!

Of course, safety is paramount at every high ropes course centre, so you will be pleased to hear all have been designed and built by experts in the construction of rope courses in the UK. All are professionally run venues with qualified instructors to host the session.

Expert instructors will encourage you during your high ropes challenge

Oh and in case you were wondering, instructors are all very patient, as you can see in this video of our Harrogate high ropes centre. Many of us feel a bit of trepidation kicking in when we're in the lofty heights of the trees waiting to start a high rope course, so they'll encourage you and help you to 'go for it' and take the plunge so you can really enjoy your course amongst the flore and fauna.

Before you even take one step on a decidedly challenging high ropes course, a briefing will be carried out on the ground and you will be kitted out in all the gear. Rope courses require climbing-style harnesses, cords to clip on to the ropes, with lines and lanyards used as the secondary safety harness. You'll finish off your new tarzan look with a helmet. Now you're ready to tackle the aerial obstacles on your chosen high rope course that are sure to get your heart pumping.

High ropes routes for all levels of ability

And don't worry if the dares seem just a bit too much for you, most high rope courses are built in stages to be suitable for all abilities and ages. You'll generally start off on the lower, less taxing trails, gradually progressing to higher, more difficult high rope routes as your confidence builds throughout the session.

As well as the traditional high ropes, many of the outdoor centres also offer extra activities that you can try. We’re talking big jumps onto airbags, descender drops (a bit like a bungee) and even zip lines that whizz right over the tops of the Eden Project domes or across Scottish valleys.

If you are looking for a family day out in the country, a high ropes course might be just the thing, as the minimum age can be as young as seven years old - as long as Mum and Dad are aerial daredevils! So if you have a mini jungle warrior with energy to burn up who will love aping it up in the trees, a session on a high rope or zip wire course is sure to wear them out.
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