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Fishing Lessons for Beginners

    • Trout fishing on Bewl Water in the Weald of Kent
    • One to one tuition on this lovely reservoir
    • Lake is well-stocked with trout - up to 18lbs!
    • Boat, bait, rod & fishing permit fees all included
    • Rutland Water fishing lessons with Rob Waddington
    • Coaching available for all levels of fisherman
    • Tuition on the bankside & from motor launches
    • Tourism board award winning fishing experiences
    • Coarse fishing lessons on private lakes
    • One to one tuition to get you started in fishing
    • Hook & bait fishing for freshwater fish like perch
    • Minimum age for these lessons is 12 years
    • A day of deep sea fishing off the Brighton coast
    • Skipper & crew experts at finding fish hotspots
    • Take home some of your catch to enjoy at home
    • Seasonal catches include cod, sea bream & mackeral
    • Fishing on calm waters in Buckinghamshire
    • Lessons hosted by qualified anglers Steve & Ian
    • You will be (hopefully) landing some prime trout
    • Minimum age for these fishing lessons is 12 yrs
    • Fishing lessons with David & his personable style!
    • Fishing at a range of lakes in Derbyshire
    • And on private beats of the River Derwent
    • Lakes restocked weekly with trout for you to fish

Is learning to fish as easy as just buying a rod, bait and casting off?

You might think learning to fish is easy. Fishing just involves a rod, a reel, a net, a pair of wellies and some bait all packed in a wicker basket doesn’t it? Then you simply trudge down to the water's edge with, sit down on your folding chair and get fishing. Many people might try this method, but believe us, becoming a successful fisherman or woman takes knowledge, learning, skill and maybe some luck thrown in too.

There are also many different types of rods, reels, lines and baits according to what sort of scaly creatures you want to catch and where you'll be doing it. It's actually like opening a big can of the proverbial worms when you ask a seasoned fisher person what their set up is. They might say: 'When I'm going for Rainbow Trout out on the reservoir on the fly I usually go for a 9ft 6" rod with a number 6 weight, but if it's Trout on a brook I'd go to a 6ft with a number 3.' We won't even ask them the difference between coarse and game fishing then!

Fly fishing - quick to learn, a lifetime to master

You probably won't have a clue what all the fishy talk means, so needless to say, there's a lot to learn. In fact, it doesn't take much teaching for beginner’s to learn a rod sport like fly fishing and to bring in a few Salmon or Perch, but it certainly takes a lifetime to master. And as the experts say, no two days are ever the same, with water flow, weather, the seasons and more all impacting on the schools of fish and your chances of reeling one in.

Before you will get anywhere near the stage of setting up your rods, you will be doing some riverbank training in the essentials of fishing on the fly. You'll be shown a thing or two about fly selection, namely whether you go for imitative where it looks like an actual fly, or attractive, where the bright colours and textures attract the fish to have a 'bite' or to strike). You'll also learn a couple of basic angling knots such as the slip knot and the clinch knot, as well as most impressive bit, casting off.

Fly fishing - the most idyllic of country sports?

This is the iconic image of this genteel sport. A tweed-jacketed gentleman standing in crystal clear, fast flowing waters of a stream in his waders, surrounded by the colourful flora on the embankments. Apart from the swishing sound of his cast, the only sounds are those of the native fauna - maybe some early morning birdsong or the sound of horses neighing in the distance. Ah absolute bliss.

Take a leaf out of one of main fishing coaches Rob Waddington who looks rather pleased with his lot in the video of him fishing on Rutland Water!

Even just writing about these learn to fish experiences makes us feel all peaceful and composed. Whether your day down at the lake proves to be all about tall tales of the 'ones that got away' or your net is stocked to the gills with by the end of the riverside lesson, you're sure to have learnt lots from the skilled anglers and ghillies who looked after you whilst you fished. And you may well even have caught the bug and want to buy all the tackle so you can do it all again!