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Zapcat and Powerboat Cruising

    • Take a ride in a two seater F1 powerboat
    • Powerboat racing pro Gordon Cook at the helm
    • Get a taste of powerboat circuit racing
    • Experience speeds of up to 120mph and rapid turns
    • Set sail from Ocean Village marina in Southampton
    • Ride in a RIB & feel the sea spray in your face!
    • Sessions hosted by a local search & rescue team
    • Roar around Southampton Waters in the boat
    • Exclusive powerboat session for a Family of Four
    • Set sail from Shamrock Marina in Southampton
    • You will be in a Honda BF150 racing powerboat
    • Take it in turns to drive the boat
    • Drive a high performance inflatable catamaran boat
    • Discover the speed & handling of the Thundercat
    • Around 15 minutes of driving time for each person
    • Head out to the unrestricted waters of the Solent
    • Powerboat driving courses from Poole Harbour
    • One and two day RYA certified courses
    • Learn essential boat craft skills out on the water
    • Earn level 1 and/or 2 boat driving certificates
    • Official RYA accredited powerboat course
    • Learn how to safely handle a powerboat at sea
    • 2 day course at Brighton Marina
    • A Sunseeker offshore power-cruiser excursion
    • Head to the Isle of Wight from Southampton
    • Plenty of time for you to drive the Portofino 375
    • Skipper will treat you to a high speed blast too!
    • One experience, two powerful boats worthy of 007
    • Drive Honda powerboat on an offshore race circuit
    • Passenger ride in the 450bhp Jet Viper boat
    • Takes place on the open waters of the Solent
    • High speed powerboat rides on open waters
    • Set off from Brighton Marina in the late afternoon
    • A qualified skipper will be at the helm of the RIB
    • Boats can take up to seven passengers
    • Ride in a jet-powered boat out of Southampton
    • Renegade II boasts big acceleration & deceleration
    • There will be up to 12 of you onboard
    • This will be the fastest boat ride of your life!
    • A RIB tour from Padstow Quayside
    • Take to the seas with skipper Ian Kitto
    • See the sights of Port Isaac of Poldark fame
    • Go high speed once out on the open waters
    • Power boat driving experience at Roker Beach
    • Royal Yachting Association (RYA) approved school
    • Head from Sunderland marina out to the North Sea
    • Vouchers are for two people & minimum age is 16
    • Off shore racing powerboating drive in Southampton
    • Get kitted out in full race gear out on the water
    • A demo session then it's your turn to drive
    • Try the off shore race circuit
    • Three high speed boats in one experience
    • Honda 4 Stroke racer, Thundercat & Jet Viper boats
    • High-speed demo rides on Solent waters
    • You can drive the Thundercat and Honda
    • Drive Zego personal watercraft - 'a quad on water'
    • Experience takes place on inland water nr St Neots
    • Zegos are agile and light twin catamaran boats
    • No previous boat driving experience needed!
    • An exhilarating way to see London from the Thames
    • Explore the landmarks with great manoeuvrability
    • Speed along in the Rigid inflatable boat
    • The RIB can accommodate up to 12 people
    • One or Two hour sealife cruises available
    • High Speed RIB skippered by an RNLI crewmember
    • Explore the stunning Cornish coastline
    • Chance to see wild seals and dolphins

Full throttle powerboat experiences on the water

Powerboats - no longer the domain of the rich and famous only, with these zapcat, catamaran and race boat experiences you too can go power boating on and over the waves. We have a real mix of activities here for you. Some use actual race boats that are competing in current championships such as the Honda series or the Zap Cat races.

Other power boating experiences featured here are a more leisurely affair, with things like trips out on big Sunseeker leisure cruisers. Then there are the madcap RIB tours on rivers where you’ll all have your hands in the air as you go zipping across the water. Now that’s what we call extreme sightseeing.

Make no mistake,if you launch in long-hull type of race-prepared vessel, you’re not going for the sightseeing, it's all about playing the role of co-pilot.  You literally take the hull out of the water as you bounce along, skimming the water's surface. Perhaps just as well you'll be dressed up in the full racing suit and helmet too - it's going to be a thrilling ride. 

In fact, some of these boats are so full-on that we can only offer passenger rides. Take a look at this 600bhp RIB doing around 50 knots out on the waters of Southampton! It might make you feel a bit seasick, or it’s have you saying ‘I want a go!’

Skipper your own RIB or powerboat

However, we do have a rather fine flotilla of motor boats that you can skipper yourself. Some of these may be onboard RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boats), others are your slick racers and we even have double-hull superboats too. In all cases, you'll be accompanied as you drive so you can make the most of your time at the helm.

Get an RYA power boating qualification on longer experiences

If you want to learn more boating skills, we can highly recommend the power boating courses. Over two days you will get to grips with everything from 'holding station', coming alongside in a harbour, high speed figures of eight, 'man overboard' retrieval exercises and even knot tying and learning about anchors. At the end of these all-encompassing sessions you'll be qualified to take a powerful motor boat out all by yourself!

Whether it's a Jet Viper, a RIB, a Zego, a Zap Cat or a Thunderbolt, these powerboats are superb fun. As you cruise out of the marina at slow speed you will be just itching to get out onto unrestricted waters so you can open her up, get the spray flying and the hull lifting with the sea salty air filling your lungs. Truly thrilling!