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Indoor Skydiving & Freefall Indoor Parachuting with Into The Blue

    • Fly in a 120mph wind tunnel
    • Two thrilling 60 second flights
    • Tuition from a pro flyer
    • Personalised flight certificate
    • Four minutes of Indoor Flight
    • Equivalent to 6 x 12,00ft skydives
    • 1:1 wind tunnel tuition
    • Suitable for kids and adults
    • Indoor Skydiving for up to 5 people
    • Share 10 mins of flight time
    • Flight certificate for each flyer
    • Suitable for ages 5 and over

All the fun of skydive, but indoors

Well, who'd have thought that jumping into what is essentially a vertical windtunnel could be such a laugh? These iFLY activities will see you donning a proper professional wing suit, helmet and transparent goggles before taking the intrepid leap into the forced air…and the sensations are truly amazing.

In fact, its quite difficult to try and explain just what it feels like. The first thing you'll notice is that it’s pretty noisy. There's a massive whirring noise as the fan start up which might take you by surprise. And just in case you were wondering how it works, there's a technician who controls the airflow and therefore how much force you'll be faced with. Of course, different people need different force levels because of height, weight and size.

All the gear to be ready to face the wind

Then you'll soon realise you need to be fully kitted up for your foray into indoor freefalling. The special suits are nice and baggy, which all helps when heading skywards. Then there's the helmet and last but not least, the funny goggles. You'll need these as the wind is so strong it can really dry your eyes out. And be prepared for those jowls to wobble!

The tunnel itself is actually quite small in diameter, but very high. Consequently, you can ride the wind and rise up.  There’s a transparent surround so spectators can check out all the action (and believe us, it's all very entertaining as you can't help pulling funny grimaces!). As you look down into it from the 'doorway' you'll see what appears to be netting across the base. Often beginners to this sport will start the session by lying down on the net and as the fans start up, you will be lifted into the air.

Aerial tricks from the pro indoor skydivers

If, when you're at the venue, you're lucky enough to see some of the seasoned regulars (each centre has clubs and even freestyle teams) you'll be amazed as they simply run and jump straight into the airstream. It seems impossible but your eyes will see them fly, and the synchronised tricks they pull are incredible. It's quite literally hair-raising stuff, as you can see here in this video of an iFLY instructor in Manchester showing off his skills.

Those in the UK who have never tried the madcap activity of indoor skydiving before will love the feeling of near weightlessness as that gust almost literally blows you away. Don't worry, you won't be going anywhere too far, as the instructors are always on hand to re-position you if necessary! Finally, you can enjoy the photographs you all took of each other as you sit with friends.