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Wet Shave Experience & Barber Gifts


These wet shave experiences make the perfect gift for the man in your life who wants to look sharp and feel a little bit pampered too! We've got a range of male grooming treatments including the classic barber shop shave with a cut-throat razor, as well as extras such as mini facials, manicures and even new look hair styling to go with that new, close-shaven look.

We have various shaving experiences on offer. You could can choose the smoothness of a luxury wet shave, or go the whole hog and treat him to a full male grooming experience that goes beyond the traditional shave. Whichever one you opt for, it's a chance for him to sit back and relax in the barber's chair and let the experts do their thing - and there's not a plastic safety razor in sight. This is proper shaving from highly skilled barbers. Read more...

traditional barber shaves london

Traditional Shaves in London

Mayfair, London

From £56.00

Traditional Barber Shaves in London
• Expert barbers and traditional cut throat shaves
• Central London Mayfair Location
• Facial and haircut options available
• Sit back, relax and enjoy some luxury grooming
beard trimming
Based On 1 Review

London Beard Design

Mayfair, London

From £28.00

London Beard Design
• Tame that unruly beard with a pro trim and style
• Mayfair London Location
• Tips and hints to keep your beard in shape

Give you man a new look with a traditional wet shave

Sitting down in a barber shop for a wet shave has to be one of those 'must do' things for blokes. Shaving is always a real hassle that takes time and usually involves a couple of nicks of the skin in the process. These cut throat shave experiences take out all the hard work and leave your skin smooth and lovely afterwards. Oh and ladies love the wet shave look too!

This sort of traditional shave is definitely regaining popularity in the face of electric shavers and safety blades that cost a fortune and need replacing regularly. When it comes to looking after your cut throat blade, you just need to strop it and hone it every now and again, just like the skilled barber in this cut throat shaving video.

Cut throat shaving - part of the weekly male grooming ritual?

In fact, this time-honoured tradition is now becoming a weekly ritual for many men, as there's nothing like the finish of the sharp blade to keep the boys looking trimmed. Contrary to what you might think, a cut throat shave needn't take ages either, so if your man is pushed for time, it can be a lunchtime traditional wet shave treat or how about a traditional shave as a pre-night out pamper?

Preparing for your traditional wet shave

The key to it all is preparation. The cut throat razor itself needs to be prepared, but most importantly so does your skin. Warm water will help to soften that bristly stubble and open those pores making for a closer, smoother and painless shave. Ideally you'll opt for an experience that includes the full works, so your facial hair will be ready to be cropped in total comfort.

Another important factor is the gel or foam. Barber shop shavers tend to favour a good lathering of foam, applied with a proper brush for excellent coverage. For those of you wanting to try it at home, it may be better to use transparent gel so you can see the stubble - but these professional barbers will deftly glide over the contours of your face with swift, controlled strokes of the blade.

So, if your bloke has a beard that needs maintaining, or you want to give him that new, polished cut throat shave look, we can highly recommend one of our wet shave vouchers - and all in the hands of professional cut throat shave technicians who know how to work that blade for a traditional shave with a top finish.