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Online Writing Courses

Online Course

  • How to write a page-turning stories
  • Choose fiction or romantic fiction courses
  • 14 modules to work through online
  • Advice on publishing included


What's Included

  • Online in-depth course to bring out your inner writing skills
  • Choose from Fiction or romantic fiction course
  • 14 step-by-step modules packed with expert guidance for all would-be writers
  • On completion you will receive a CPD certified pass certificate
  • Unrestricted life-time access to the course

Fiction Modules

  • Discovering genres
  • From idea to plot
  • Understanding your villain
  • Setting
  • Character and point of view
  • Story structure
  • Building suspense
  • Dialogue and body language
  • Shock your readers
  • Alternative scenes
  • Author voice
  • Revise your story
  • Getting noticed
  • How to build success as a writer

Romantic Fiction Modules

  • Introduction to writing Romantic Fiction
  • Finding your genre
  • Heroes & Heroines
  • Creating a Couple
  • Crafting convincing characters
  • Dialogue and Body Language
  • Viewpoint and voice
  • Setting
  • What's the Plot? Part 1
  • What's the Plot? Part 2
  • Writing erotic Fiction
  • The Essential Art of self-editing
  • Getting your romance published
  • The business of romance writing

What Can I Expect

Learn the A-Z of storytelling on these fiction writing courses! Our online creative writing courses offer a flexible way to gain insider knowledge and practical help to get you on the right track to writing your first best-selling novel.

We are offering a choice of courses for you budding authors : fiction or romantic fiction. Both online courses are made up of 14 well-thought out modules that you work through at your own pace and in your own time, when it suits you. As well as the video teaching, there are lots of examples and excerpts to study too.

If we were to ask you what makes a good read, you'd probably say a decent plot, engaging characters and relatable dialogue. The writers of these courses agree and, with their help, you'll discover how to succeed in all these areas as you prepare, start and complete your story or book. They say writing the first page is the hardest part!

Before you put pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard) you'll be taught how to assemble everything you need to write your novel. There's the structure and the setting of the story. The characters and their roles. Then there's the all-important dialogue and narrative voice. All these combine to create a story that captures the reader's imagination, draws them and makes them want to read to the end without putting the book down.

As well as the techniques to write your own fictional page-turner, these courses also have lots of useful information on what to do with your finished manuscript. Topics include cover illustrations, the title, e-books, self-publishing, finding a publisher and negotiating a deal with them, as well as a very helpful look at the things to avoid doing that will immediately put a publisher or book editor off.

Thriller, drama, mystery, romance; whatever you preferred style of book, these fiction writing courses will show you the way to becoming a confident storyteller and author.


  • Once registered you will be given access to the learning platform


  • The course can be accessed from a computer or mobile device
  • Internet access is required for this online course

Suitable For

  • Suitable for ages from 13+ and all abilities
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