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Urban Sketching Online Course

Online Experience

  • Urban sketching courses online
  • Hosted by artist Ian Fennelly
  • Sketch urban & rural surroundings
  • Lifetime access to resource library


What's Included

  • Video-based online course teaching you the unique and fashionable style of urban sketching
  • Learn from Ian Fennelly, one of the most well-known names in the Urban Sketching world
  • Go from blank page to capturing the bustle and beauty of the world around you
  • Learn sketching and painting techniques from a coveted urban sketcher and captivating teacher
  • 8 training modules delivered to your computer, tablet or mobile device with professional video tuition
  • Pause and rewind each lesson and watch as many times as you'd like until you've mastered each technique
  • You will need a fine-line pen and sketchbook
  • Receive a certificate upon completion

The Modules

  • Introduction 
  • Architectural sketch
  • Rural sketch
  • On location: The Cross
  • On location: The Clock
  • On location: The Bandstand
  • On location: The Bridge
  • Self-assignments

What Can I Expect

Sign up for an urban sketching course and learn the art of drawing your everyday surroundings. These online courses guide you through eight different modules to show you all the tricks and techniques to sketching in this distinctive, modern style.

What is urban sketching? It's taking inspiration from everyday life everywhere and drawing it in your sketchbook, to create a narrative of everyday life. Ian Fennelly, your presenter for these online video tutorials, is a skilled and accomplished urban sketcher. He is constantly inspired by the places he visits and has a wonderfully fluid and colourful style.

His enthusiasm for urban sketching very much comes through on his course and you too will feel inspired and motivated to produce your own artwork. With eight modules to work through at your own pace online, all the help, tips and ideas you need are there. There's even an online resource library, which is accessible for life when you sign up for these courses.

The course is split into different situations and settings. After an introduction from Ian, you'll look first at Architectural - that's to say the study of shapes, scale and perspective of buildings, often the main subject of urban sketches.

In contrast to these more urbanised settings, is Rural. During this section it's all about tone and texture. Similarly, Bridges looks at your surroundings and blending methods for sketching landscapes, with bridges as the focal point. Whilst Bandstand concentrates on context and settings.

The Cross looks into these busy intersections found in many urban settings and how they make great subjects for studying depth and colour. The Clock focuses on the importance of the town's clock tower and its often ornate and intricate style and pattern.

Your urban sketching course concludes with a module on finding your own sketching style for your urban (or rural) landscape, helping you to see buildings and street furniture in a whole new light, be it on your own doorstep or during your travels. Happy sketching!


  • Once registered you will be given access to the learning platform


  • The course can be accessed from a computer or mobile device
  • Internet access is required for this online course

Suitable For

  • Suitable for ages 13+ and all abilities
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