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Decathlon Experience Staffordshire

Tatenhill Airfield   

• Stunt flying at Tatenhill nr Burton On Trent
• Head into the sky in a Bellanca Decathlon plane
• Fully inverted oil system means full inversions!
• Aerobatics with a school established in 1987
Aerobatics in Staffordshire



What's Included

• A welcome and pre-flight briefing
• The flight will last 20 minutes and includes take off and landing
• During this time the pilot will demonstrate a number of aerobatic manoeuvres and usually allows participants the opportunity to take control for a brief while
• Tandem seating configuration
• Max speed level 155mph. Engine Power 150hp, g limits +6g and -5g

What Can I Expect

Get ready for flying upside down on this Bellanca Decathlon aerobatic experience! Take an American Champion Aircraft Industries designed light aircraft capable of aerobatics, add one highly experienced instructor, mix in one enthusiastic aviation fan (that's you!) and you get a thrilling experience including inverted flight, stall turns and looping the loop, all from this friendly airfield in Staffordshire.

The Bellanca Decathlon has a reputation as a fantastic aerobatic training plane and in our experience, they are fairly rare in the skies over here. However, the aviation grapevine tells us a certain Top Gear TV presenter James May has one, which is quite unusual in itself as he is known as Mr Slow and this little trooper of a plane is certainly no slow-coach!

It's also capable of sustaining aerobatic stresses of +6g and -5g, has the fully inverted oil system so it's ready to roll (literally) and it's guaranteed fun in the air. Fully adapted for aerial manoeuvres, this Bellanca Decathlon also has semi-symmetric airfoil, fuel injection rather than carburettor and a 1.5 gallon header fuel tank, all in the name of maximising inverted flight.

So where will your Decathlon aerobatics experience take place? You will be in the heart of the Midlands, flying out of Tatenhill Airfield near Needwood. The guys and girls here started off as an approved maintenance facility back in 1987 and has grown to offer full avionics and the friendly flying school. They have a rather fine fleet of very well looked after light aircraft and this Bellanca Decathlon is a very popular member of the line up in the hangar. We think you'll love it!

You will sit alongside the instructor in this two seater strut-braced, high-wing plane with joystick controls and, although it may look like a normal light aircraft, once airborne in the Decathlon, you'll be blown away by the aerial agility of this plane as you zoom across the skies at top speed of 155mph, pulling some serious aerobatic manoeuvres.

All in all, a superb value choice for someone who wants to experience aerobatics in a Decathlon. IntotheBlue also offers a large range of more traditional flying lessons available at aero clubs and schools around the UK as well as a great selection of aerobatic flights in all types of popular stunt aircraft.


• This experience runs Monday to Saturday throughout the year


• This flying school is located at Tatenhill Airfield in Burton-upon-Trent
• The airfield is convenient for midland customers serving Burton, Derby, Lichfield, Stoke, Stafford and Birmingham

Suitable For

• Maximum weight limit 14 stone
• Maximum height of 6'6''
• Minimum age 14
• It is recommended that you avoid having a heavy meal or any alcoholic drink prior to your flight


• Spectators are very welcome to attend and enjoy tea and coffee in the clubhouse • Cameras are welcome to capture the participants exhilarating aviation experience from the viewing areas overlooking the runway


Average Rating 5
Total Reviews 6
Recommend to Friend 6
about 4 years ago
Tim jones
about 4 years ago
I was given the aerobatic experience as a birthday gift from my wife and I was very excited - booking was easy and there wasn't long to wait. When we arrived the pilot (Dave) introduced himself and was fantastic from start to finish. After each stunt he checked how I was doing, obviously to see if I wanted to gear it up or calm it down, but the stupid grin I had since I sat in the backseat didn't disappear during the entire 20 minutes - I absolutely loved it. The stunts were breathtaking and Dave talked me through each one before going ahead. 20 minutes was just long enough, but I honestly can't wait to do it again.
Daniel Forrester
about 5 years ago
Absolutely amazing experience. A true once in a lifetime experience except that I will definitely be back for more as soon as possible. A dream come true for me, helped by friendly staff and a beautiful venue. Thanks again
James Parker
about 5 years ago
first class, good value
k lenthall
about 6 years ago
it was exciting and enjoyable
w mcguckin
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Decathlon Experience Staffordshire
Aerobatics in Staffordshire
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