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Adopting an Elephant


• Aid an Asian elephant project
• Receive personalised supporter certificate
• Help important conservation & research work
• Support the People's Trust for Endangered Species


What's Included

You will receive:
• A welcome letter
• Your gift explained
• African vs. Asian fact sheet
• Elephant infographic
• Endangered in Asia leaflet
• Elephants in culture poster
• Elephant postcard
• Registration sheet

What Can I Expect

Help these giants of the jungle when you adopt an elephant in association with the People's Trust for Endangered Species. By joining in with these elephant adoption scheme you'll be helping to support the important work being carried out in India to help protect the resident Asian Elephants.

We've long been aware that the majestic Elephas Maximus is endangered. Over the years lots of important conservation work has been carried out in areas that are home to both African and Asian Elephants, changing attitudes on ivory hunting and the destruction of natural habitats. In the case of the Asian Elephants you'll be supporting, population numbers have gone up. That in itself is great news, but the work doesn't end there...

The original reserve areas secured for elephants are now often too small for the number of resident elephants. This puts them in conflict with the local communities, who naturally want to protect their agriculture. The PTES's emergency work at the Mayurjharna Elephant Reserve in India, for example, revolves around mapping routes that the elephants use for migration. That means the seasonal movements of these magnificent mammals can be charted, enabling the PTES researchers to work with communities to advise on where and when to plant crops.

By buying an elephant adoption pack you, will be financially aiding this important work on the ground that will enable the elephant population and the human population to live in harmony, securing everyone's well-being and future.

And your elephant adoption pack will be a constant reminder of this. In it there's a whole host of goodies related to all things elephant. One of the biggest questions is neatly answered with a poster detailing the differences between African and Asian Elephants. (In case you were wondering, apart from living on different continents. it's all to do with the size of their ears!). Then there are loads of facts and figures about elephants for your to pour over. And once you've completed and sent off your elephant adoption registration form, you'll received your personalised certificate.

It takes a huge amount of human effort and cost to aid and protect elephants, so by purchasing an adopt and elephant tin from IntotheBlue not only will you be making someone who loves these creatures very happy, you'll also be making an elephantine contribution to the conservation scheme and research project in Asia - and we're sure that's something these elephants will never forget!


• The elephant conservation work is carried out in Africa and visiting is not possible

Anything Else

• You need to register your gift before the 'register by' date on your gift registration booklet. We recommend that you register your gift as soon as possible
• After registering the gift the voucher is valid for 12 months
• Orders made before 11.30am will be posted the same day, Monday to Friday
• Standard delivery takes 3/5 working days with Royal Mail, Delivery is within the UK only and does not include overseas
• E-vouchers and Gift Box upgrades are not available for this product, it comes in a smart presentation tin as standard
• For every registered adoption approximately 10% of the RRP will be donated directly to Action for the Wild
• This is a novelty gift item and must be regarded as such
Adopt an Elephant
Adopting an Elephant Get this Experience