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Escape Games Experience Yorkshire

Sheffield & Leeds

  • Escape room games in Sheffield & Leeds
  • Find clues & solve puzzles to get out in time
  • Vouchers for teams of 2, 3 or 4
  • Great plots, props & Games Masters

What's Included

  • Find Clues and solve puzzles to escape!
  • Choose your adventure and race against the clock
  • Vouchers are available for 2 - 4 people
  • Experiences last for approximately one hour
  • Two house drinks per person are included


  • A haunted house-themed escape game (family friendly)
  • A submarine-themed escape game (family friendly)
  • A hell-themed escape game (moderately scary)
  • A serial killer-themed escape game (scary)
  • An abducted escape game (18+ only) 


  • A haunted house-themed escape game (family friendly)
  • A medieval castle-themed escape game (family friendly)
  • A mysterious adventure-themed escape game (family friendly)
  • A submarine-themed escape game (family friendly)
  • A hell-themed escape game (moderately scary)
  • A serial killer-themed escape game (scary)
  • An abducted escape game (18+ only) 

What Can I Expect

Escape room fun in Leeds and Sheffield for two, three or four players! Play Crystal Maze-style adventure games as you and your team work together to find the clues and solve the puzzles, in order to escape the room, before your time's up.

All rooms, in both Sheffield and Leeds, have been created with film-set quality props and incorporating live characters. From rich narratives with plot-twists, from difficult to easy games, from horror to mystery, there's plenty to keep you going back!

Some of the escape games will be pretty hair raising. A whopping five stars on the scare factor with human-misery and horror all the way - so expect a scream or two. Other rooms will have you wagering with the devil, adventuring deep into the under-belly of the unknown, or walking straight into a medieval castle. There might also be some serious power battles to tackle. And you could even end up with the fate of the world in your hands.

At both venues the dedicated Games Masters will take great care of you. They'll set the scene and help orientate you and your gang for your chosen escape room scenario. They'll be watching you from their secret lair and maybe giving a few hints. If you make it out before the time runs out, you'll be officially crowned 'Pro Escapee'!

After your game, you'll have a chance to sit down with your team in the chill out games zone and make the most of free-play stuff. From fun table top challenges and board games, to computer games, there's plenty to keep you amused, so allow for about an extra hour after you escape game booking for this if you fancy it.

When you buy your escape room voucher for two, three or four people, it is valid for Sheffield and Leeds venues, so you can choose which location you go to and which room you tackle. Flexible and fun escape gaming, we love it!


  • Experiences are available between Sunday to Friday
  • Times are available between 12 - 21:00


  • The Great Escape Game Sheffield S1
  • The Great Escape Game Leeds LS1

Suitable For

  • Games are suitable for 12+ unless otherwise specified
  • If you are pregnant or have specific accessibility requirements, please discuss your
    requirements with us prior to booking
  • Please wear clothing that you feel comfortable in although in some instances you may be required to crawl 

Anything Else

Facilities available on site:

  • Disabled access to venue
  • Toilets (including disabled toilets)
  • Lobby area (including seating)
  • Fully licensed bar
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments
  • Snacks
  • Free to play multiplayer games
  • Tabletop games
  • Board games
  • Free to play computer games