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Adopt a Sloth

Nationwide Delivery Available

• Adopt an adorable Sloth with Into the Blue!
• Your adoption helps fund sloth conservation
• A pack filled with sloth pics and facts
• Your very own sloth adoption certificate


What's Included

• 12 month Sloth Adoption
• After the recipient has registered they will receive a personalised supporter certificate

The gift box will include:
• A welcome letter
• Your gift explained
• Sloths endangered
• Sloth facts and figures
• Sloth leaflet
• Sloth poster
• Sloth postcard
• Registration sheet

What Can I Expect

Take your time and adopt a sloth! If you know someone who loves these loveable creatures, this sloth adoption pack is the perfect gift. By adopting a sloth you'll be helping make sure the species continues to thrive in this ever increasingly stressful world (and sloths, just like many of us humans, don't like stress!).

Confucius said: 'It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop'. This could be the mantra of the sloth. Even the word 'sloth' sounds as slow and lethargic as it's meaning doesn't it? But in reality sloths aren't lazy - just slow. And this slowness works as a very effective defence mechanism, as it's believed sloths move unnoticed by their predators!

Your adoption pack is full of fascinating sloth facts and trivia, so you'll be able to really understand what sloths are all about. It's not laziness, they don't sleep all day and they're a long way from being as daft as we often think. You'll be able to make yourself busy reading all that, putting up your sloth poster and even writing your sloth postcard - all included in the sloth pack you'll receive.

By adopting a sloth, you will be donating to the Sloth Conservation Foundation. Affectionately known as SloCo, this British-registered charity is dedicated to saving sloths in the wild, by implementing lasting solutions through research and conservation initiatives in countries such as Costa Rica, where the natural tree canopy habitat of the sloth is constantly under threat from development and deforestation.

Whether it's a cheeky present for someone who, shall we say, likes to maximise their relaxation time, or a gift for those who just can't resist that cute little smiley sloth face, the chance to adopt a sloth isn't one to mull over for too long at this great price. Buying one online direct from Into The Blue doesn't take up much time or energy, so even a sloth can do it!


• Orders placed before 11.30am will be posted the same day, Monday to Friday
• Delivery is within the UK only and is not available overseas.
• E-Vouchers and Gift Box upgrades are not available for this product, it comes in a smart presentation tin as standard

Anything Else

• You will need to register the gift before the expiry date on the registration booklet
• This gift package is produced in association with The Sloth Conservation Foundation
• For every person that registers their gift, approximately 10% of the RRP is donated directly to The Sloth Foundation
• This is a novelty gift item and must be regarded as such
adopt a sloth
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