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Chosing a different experience & exchanges


I don't want to do the experience - can I choose something else?

All of our vouchers are fully flexible, so you can always exchange your voucher for a different experience of your choice. Please log in to our  exchange page  using your voucher number and PIN. Once logged in you, will need to add the voucher balance to your basket. After that, simply select a new experience and checkout as normal. If your chosen experience is more expensive, you can just pay the remaining balance. Alternatively if you have some money left, we'll send it to you in a new voucher that can be used at a later date.


Why am I being asked to add more money when I redeem my voucher for an experience of my own choice?

When browsing the full range of experiences, the website calculates the value of your voucher based on the amount paid for it. If your voucher was purchased as part of a special offer, or had a discount code applied, this will be reflected in the voucher balance. You will need to pay the remaining balance if you are looking at something more expensive. If your chosen experience is less than the value of your voucher, you will receive a balance voucher for you to use in the future.


Can I enter a discount code when I redeem my voucher for an experience of my choice?

Discount codes can only be applied to new purchases. They are not applicable to extensions, credit vouchers, delivery charges, gift packs or when exchanging a voucher to a different experience. To view our terms and conditions please click  here.


What if I want to combine more than one voucher?

If you are lucky enough to have more than one of our vouchers, you can combine the value of the vouchers together allowing you to choose something more expensive, or to choose more than one experience. Please make sure that you exchange your vouchers before the printed expiry date so that you don't miss out.


How do I use my credit voucher?

Please register your credit balance on our  registration page  . Once this has been done, you can browse our full range of experiences online and select what you would like to use it for. When you have chosen an experience, exchange your credit balance via our  exchange page  . Please make sure you redeem your credit voucher and take your chosen experience before the printed expiry date.


I can't find the experience I want to redeem my voucher for?

In order to browse the full experience range available, please visit the  Into The Blue website  . Once you have decided on an experience you can exchange your voucher  here  . Please note this can only be done if you have not yet made a booking using your voucher.


My preferred location is no longer offered, can I change it?

As our vouchers are valid for such a long time, there are occasionally things that happen over the course of their validity which are beyond our control. This may mean a voucher can no longer be used at a specific location.

We would recommend selecting another location from the list on the website. If none of these are suitable, your voucher is fully flexible, so you can simply browse our full range of experiences and select the experience of your choice. You can view our full range of experiences on the  Into The Blue website  .