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Pampering Experiences & Gifts


Our health and beauty gift vouchers are always a winner - what could be more agreeable than taking some quality 'you time' to relax and, quite frankly, feel good about yourself? After all, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life biting at our heels all day long, we think you deserve a little TLC once in a while. Time to kick your shoes off, chill out and make the most of some lovely down time.

As for your choice of beauty vouchers, we've got spa pampering, makeover photoshoots, holistic therapies for luscious ladies and wet shaves for beautiful boys too. You can even book a workshop to create your own perfume. All our vouchers are available to buy and print out online, or opt for a gift package to be sent out to you. And don't forget, we've often got vouchers for two, so couples can go together, a duo of best friends can catch up on the gossip together, or you can even take your mum for a treat. Read more...


A beautiful collection of beauty gifts

What's that saying about beauty? Something about it being in the eye of the beholder? Well, it's beauty in the eye of the gift voucher holder in this case as you make someone's day with online gift vouchers for a variety of beauty gifts, treatments and experiences that they will absolutely love.

The most popular of all are, without doubt, our spa packages. These vouchers are a brilliant gift to give as you just never buy such things for yourselves do you? We are talking exquisite venues in four and five star hotel locations with all the facilities you could dream of so that you can relax and indulge yourself. What's more, you'll leave the building feeling a million dollars thanks to the 'new you'.

Treatments, therapies, makeovers and relaxation too

It's not just about pretty locations, cool contemporary interiors and chill out music though. The beauty therapists who provide the treatments are also an essential ingredient for an enjoyable day. They are all highly skilled and trained. That means your massage really hits the spot, your facial cleanses all those pores and your hot stones are just the right the temperature to see you tumbling into a blissful oblivion.

In fact, some of our beauty gifts include specific treatments to heal and improve your general wellbeing and health. These include reflexology, Alexander treatments and Indian head massages for a very holistic approach to your body.

However, if it's the finishing touches you're interested in, you can opt for a spending a day creating a perfume to your own recipe that'll be printed out for you so you know exactly which aromas are included.

You can even share your makeover joy with the whole family, when you book in for a family photoshoot. You get your hair and make up done, the kids love dressing up and Dad, well he'll love it too! Our video gives you a short insight into what happens on a family photoshoot day.

Beauty vouchers for the boys and the girls

And we haven't forgotten the boys in all of these beauty gift vouchers that the ladies love. Our online best selling barber shop shave vouchers are a real hit with men of all ages. There's something quite cool about having a traditional shave. As we've already mentioned, all of these packs are available as vouchers sent out in the post or you can opt for a printable version if you need your beauty-based gift instantly.