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Wing Walking Experiences

A wing walking experience definitely counts as one of life's greatest aerial adventures. You can choose to walk the wing at specially certified venues across the UK, so get ready to amaze your friends and family as you put on your very own in-flight show under the guidance of experienced professional display teams.

You will need to keep your wits about you for this thrilling experience and, of course, all safety precautions are taken, but it still takes some serious guts to climb up onto the struts of the plane to the harness. We think wing walking has to be one of the biggest thrills in the UK!  Read more...

Wing Walking


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Wing Walking Oxfordshire

Chiltern Park Aerodrome - Oxfordshire & Berkshire border

From £449.00

Wing Walking Day in Yorkshire

Selby - Yorkshire

From £449.00

Normally you fly inside a plane rather than actually on it. For this unique departure you will be physically standing on the wings of a biplane waving at your friends and family watching from below and revelling in the complete triumph of your feat and probably pulling some priceless facial expressions too.

Our wing walks take place at three different UK airfields. All are highly specialised in training people up to be able to perform within a very short time. And despite how daring it all looks, the UK has very strict rules for wing walkers and it is very safe (so you won't be winging it - 'scuse the pun!). For example, the completely bespoke harnesses (that cost a fortune), meet strict criteria and hold you nice and steady in position on the wings.

So, all the ingredients are there, with some of the country's most experienced pilots in the cockpit, all the latest safety gear and the aircraft ready to go. The only question now is, are you ready for it? We think the chance to join a very elite set of people in the UK who can call themselves wing walkers is a complete and utter buzz.

Oh and in case you were wondering how noisy or blustery it is up there, we can tell you you will be completely open to the elements and the whistling of the wind means you can't hear the pilot underneath you, so you'll have to learn the essential code of hand signals before take off!

Yes, wing walking is that sort of experience. Really only for the daredevils amongst you, it is a thoroughly exhilarating activity that is like nothing you will have ever done before. This experience isn't offered at many places in the UK, due to the specialist equipment and skills needed, but if you're prepared to travel to the airfield, we think it'll be totally worth it as you get ready to perch high up there above the cockpit, with your heart in your mouth ready for the ride of your life.