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Wing Walking Devon

Dunkeswell Aerodrome, Honiton   

  • Wing walking from Dunkeswell Airfield near Honiton
  • Fly on the top wing of a vintage Boeing Stearman
  • A 10-minute flight to delight the crowd below
  • Invite friends & family to watch!
Become a Wing Walker



What's Included

  • The experience will begin with a wing walker training session which will include safety awareness, instruction on the use of the rig and seatbelts, breathing techniques and hand signals used by both the wing walker and pilot during the flight
  • Once airborne, Your wing walking display will consist of a full routine lasting approximately 10 minutes as you stand on the wing of an authentic Boeing Stearman Biplane
  • The aircraft will be travelling at speeds of up to 135mph as the qualified display pilot completes the air display
  • Optional recording of your flight will be available, for an additional charge (payable direct)
  • A personalised wingwalking certificate
  • Complimentary premium gift packaging from Into the Blue  
It is a condition of CAA approval that you are made fully aware that Wing Walking carries a higher risk than a normal commercial flight (e.g when you fly on holiday) . The operator of these experiences will brief you clearly on the risks that have been identified and how they have been mitigated to make the experiences as safe as possible. You will receive an in depth briefing on the day of your flight and have the opportunity to ask any questions before signing a disclaimer, confirmation of briefing and risk acceptance.

What Can I Expect

Wing walking Devon - fly over the Blackdown Hills strapped to the top wing of a Stearman biplane! Despite how crazy it sounds, you can 'walk the wing' with no skills or experience needed. This is how you become a wing walker in Devon…

If you meet the criteria for doing a wing walk (see the full details blurb for all the ins and outs), you can do a wing walk. It's as simple as that. On the ground, briefings are kept as short and clear as possible and before you know it, you'll be in the 'rig' securely strapped into the five-point harness.

With the propellor turning and engine gurgling, it might well be the moment you ask yourself what on earth you're doing. You (yes, you!) are about to take off in a splendid vintage Boeing Stearman biplane. But you're not in a seat, you're actually atop, 10ft above the ground, strapped to the top wing. As the throttle opens and the plane moves off at a pace, this is the moment you realise this is actually happening and there's no going back!

The first thing that hits you is the onrush of wind. It'll hit you right in the face until your cheeks wobble. Wing walking is open cockpit flying at its most extreme, so expect to feel the full force of the elements as you fly. See if you can battle the wind resistance to do a little to your crowd of gathered friends and family below - it's not as easy as sounds!

Once you've got used to the rather extraordinary sensation of flying on the wing of a Stearman, your pilot will start the routine. You'll find yourself zooming past the flight line in a series of fly pasts that'll take you so low you could seemingly pluck daisies from the grass below. It's thrilling, it's noisy, it's windy but it's brilliant.

Now you're feeling like a confident wing walker, it's time to take this Devonshire display up a notch for the final manoeuvres. Hold on tight as you dive from 500ft, whoop with delight as you execute a daring zoom climb and holler with excitement as you perform a final 'run and break' before coming in to land.

Hair - windblown
Legs - jelly
Nose - snotty
But you loved it and we bet your bottom dollar you'd do it all over again. Go on, be a daredevil and go wing walking in Devon!


  • Selected weekday and weekend dates throughout the year
  • All dates are subject to availability and weather conditions
  • 2020 Confirmed Dates:
  • 21st and 22nd November 2020
  • 19th, 20th and 28th December 2020 (Santa Wingwalks)
  • 2021 Confirmed Dates:
  • 3rd and 4th April 2021
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd May 2021
  • 12th, 13th and 14th June 2021
  • 24th, 25th and 26th July 2021
  • 7th, 8th and 9th August 2021
  • 18th, 19th and 20th September 2021


  • Dunkeswell Airfield, Honiton, Devon

Suitable For

  • Wing walkers must be under 12 stone 2lbs (77kg)
  • There is no height restrictions for this experience
  • Minimum age is 18, there is no upper age limit but over 65's must have a doctors note
  • You must be able and fit enough to climb up the aircraft to the Rig on the top wing (approximately 10 feet)
  • This experience is approved by the CAA and you are permitted to raise money or be sponsored whilst Wing Walking at this location
  • Please be aware that wing walking carries a higher risk than a 'normal' airline flight and these risks will be clearly explained to you on the day
  • A form is required should you have any medical conditions or be on any medication


  • You are welcome to bring spectators along with you to watch your wing walking display
  • Catering options are available for larger groups upon request
  • There will be great photo and video opportunities throughout
  • The airfield has a clubhouse and cafe onsite
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Wing Walking Devon
Become a Wing Walker
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