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Light Aircraft Flight Simulator Newcastle


  • Simulator sessions in a PA-28 Cherokee
  • Built using an actual PA-28 fuselage
  • Choose between 30 or 60-minutes
  • Invite 2 to sit in the rear seats


What's Included

  • Flying experience in a flight simulator using a real Piper PA-28 light aircraft fuselage
  • Welcome, introduction and pre-flight briefing
  • Choose from a 30 or 60-minute flight duration
  • Tuition from highly trained instructors
  • The simulator features a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit and 4K, 320 degree wrap around visuals
  • Post flight de-briefing

What Can I Expect

Book a session in this flight simulator near Newcastle and prepare for a virtual take off in a Piper PA28 Cherokee! We are offering 30 and 60-minute sessions for you to perfect your pilot skills in these popular light aircraft.

Once upon a time, G-ATOL could be seen whizzing around the skies on leisure flights and training sessions. Many, many faithful hours of flying time later this Piper PA-28 140 went into retirement. But she wasn't forgotten. She has been re-born as a fabulous flight simulator at this centre in Brunswick just outside Newcastle.

That's right, the fuselage and cockpit are the real thing. G-ATOL continues her aviation journey offering budding pilots and aviation enthusiasts training and experiences at airports around the world - and all without leaving the ground. Thanks to some clever computer technology, she can even magic up a high-altitude storm, some blustery wind or even a loss of engine power to really keep you on your toes.

Sitting in the front seat of the Piper sim, you're sure to be impressed by the onboard graphics. The 320-degree wraparound visuals cover every window of the cockpit, so no matter which way you look it's the ‘real world' out there - and in super high quality too, as it's using 4k technology.

Your instructor host for these sim sessions is a highly-experienced pilot, so you're in excellent hands for your aviation adventure. They're really good at building confidence, with clear, precise and easy to follow instructions to make sure you get the most out of your sim time.

Being a small and agile low-wing four seater, the Piper PA-28 really lends itself to some classic pilot training exercises. We love doing circuits and bumps at our local airport. Maybe you'd like to fly over mountains? Or perhaps you've always fancied flying through a thunderstorm? Everything is possible with this light aircraft sim in Newcastle - and you can even invite two people to join you as rear seat passengers.


  • Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability


  • Brunswick, Newcastle upon Tyne

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 6
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on site by an adult
  • Good mobility is required to climb in and out of the simulator
  • Maximum height 6ft 4ins


  • Guests are welcome at the Centre and make use of the facilities. Due to health and safety access to the simulators is limited to the person for whom the experience is for

Anything Else

  • A Full HD video of your flight on an SD card can be purchased when booking your date for an additional charge
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