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Junior 4x4 Driving Scotland

Gartmore, Stirlingshire   

  • Junior off roading nr Gartmore in Stirlingshire
  • Learn to drive a manual or automatic 4x4
  • A full instructor-driven demo before your drive
  • Available for young ages

What's Included

  • A 5-10 minute demonstration drive from the instructor, starting in the training area
  • Learn to drive the purpose built 4x4 including 3 of the trails on the 4x4 track
  • Vehicles used include the Suzuki Jimny and the Toyota Land Cruiser, however exact vehicles cannot be guaranteed
  • Vouchers valid for one junior/child and one adult
  • Approximately 20 minutes of drive time
  • Allow a minimum of 45 minutes on site for your experience 

What Can I Expect

Give your offspring something to smile about with a kids 4x4 experience in Scotland! Junior off road heroes will adore this outdoor centre near the little village of Gartmore - it's where all the serious off roading action takes place!

What we love most about this set up is the location. It's set on a picturesque farm estate, well away from the public roads. That's why there's no need for licences or L plates, as you're on private land.

The teaching at Gartmore stands out too. The instructors are great at building confidence and getting drivers motivated and believing in themselves. Most kiddies attending will have never even driven before, so (if it's a manual transmission 4x4 that's being used on the day) some time is spent learning about clutch control and gears. This Scottish operator also uses automatic off roaders, which means coaching is more geared to vehicle control and steering.

As you might suspect for a 4x4 driving centre in the heart of Scotland's lowlands, it can rain a fair bit. But rather than putting a dampener on the proceedings, all that soggy, squishy mud just makes the whole experience even more fun.

We have to say, the kids (and secretly the grown ups too) really do love it when it's mud-splashes-up-to-the-door-handles kind of conditions. Just make sure no-one's wearing their best designer white trainers when they arrive for their drive!

All sessions start with a recce, so everyone can see the sort of terrain they will be tackling. Then it's off jumping and bouncing around all over the shop, being jostled and jolted as you climb, then hanging on for dear life during the big drop descents. This is what junior 4x4ing in Scotland is all about and what this purpose-built course was made for!


  • Fridays-Mondays throughout the year, subject to availability


  • Gartmore, Stirlingshire

Suitable For

  • Juniors age 13 to 16
  • Children age 9 to 12
  • Participants must be accompanied by one supervising adult in the car at no additional charge
  • Maximum weight of 18 stone
  • All participants require moderate level of fitness and no back, neck or spinal medical conditions/injuries

Anything Else

  • Complimentary tea and coffee is available on site, toilet facilities are also available
  • All customers must sign a waiver on arrival


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about 5 years ago
Fun and straightforward all went very smoothly
Peter Cawston
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Junior 4x4 Driving Scotland
Junior 4x4 Driving Session 1 Kid + 1 Adult
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