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Family iFLY Vouchers

Milton Keynes, Manchester, Basingstoke

  • Indoor Skydiving for up to 5 people
  • Share 10 mins of flight time
  • Flight certificate for each flyer
  • Suitable for ages 3 and over


What's Included

  • The family flight is especially designed for family groups of up to five people
  • You'll all attend the same session and share 10 minutes of flight between you
  • Allow spending around an hour and a half on site
  • You'll be kitted out with flying suits, helmets and goggles
  • Fun and informative briefing session on how to fly in the tunnel
  • A flight certificate for each family member
  • The flight time can be divided up any way you like

What Can I Expect

iFLY Vouchers for families - a package put together especially to get the family flying together! A family iFLY experience voucher is a superb and very unusual high adrenaline day out that will unite the generations.

The best thing about these particular vouchers is that you and your family will have an exclusive session in the iFLY chamber. That means up to five of you will enjoy a total of 10 minutes' flying time having some serious freefalling family fun - and it's entirely up to you how you share out the flights

Anyone over the age of four can have a go at this crazy sport inside the huge vertical windtunnel. For any family members not flying, the all round viewing gallery means you get a great 360 degree view of the face-contorting action, so it's the perfect event for spectators to capture the whole family's shenanigans on film as you and your clan learn how to fly indoors. Who'd have thought you could have so much collective iFLY fun with just one voucher?

The event kicks off with getting kitted up in special indoor skydiving suits, safety goggles and helmets (and remember, these vouchers are for up to five family members, all of whom should be related, according to iFLY rules!). Then you'll meet your instructor who'll be showing you how you get in and out of the vertical windtunnel and what you need to do. Once inside the chamber and you hear the fans start to rotate, the wind will start rushing past you, your heart starts beating fast...and before you know it you'll be flying.

As well as your exclusive slot in the air chamber, each flyer will be presented with a personalised certificate at the end of the experience. We think this is an amazing activity that can be shared across your brood.


  • Family flights are available 7 days a week all year round
  • Usual opening hours are 11:00-22:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00-22:00 at weekends


  • Milton Keynes
  • Manchester
  • Basingstoke

Suitable For

  • Anyone in a reasonable state of health and fitness can fly
  • You must be under 18 stone 7 pounds (117kg)  in weight, be over 3 years old, not be pregnant, not have previously suffered from a dislocated shoulder, not be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs, not be wearing a hard plaster cast
  • Flyers will also need to confirm that if they have a history of heart, neck or back problems that they have sought medical advice before participating
  • All flyers should be casually dressed (avoiding collared shirts) and bring lace up trainers
  • You will be asked to prove that you are a family
  • You must arrive 45 minutes prior to your flight time for check-in, briefing and the issue of flight equipment


  • Spectators are welcome to come and watch, the wind tunnel has a free viewing gallery with disabled access, so everyone can see the action
  • There are lots of other attractions at the centres, making it easy to turn your family skydiving experience into a day out

Anything Else

  • This experience is excluded from additional discount codes and promotions
  • Please note: Vouchers are not redeemable at the O2 London
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