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  • Junior driving lessons for 4 to 10 year olds
  • Drive a 100% electric mini sports car
  • Miniature road set up with junctions & signage
  • The Firefly Sport is a car just for youngsters


What's Included

  • Drive the Firefly electric car
  • Welcome and short briefing
  • 15 minutes driving time
  • Have fun and learn some basics of driving such as steering, junctions and even reversing
  • The cars are two seaters with an adjustable drivers seat, so youngsters can be accompanied by mum, dad or a friend

What Can I Expect

This is the very sporty Firefly under 10 driving experience! Time to leave the driving to the very youngest motoring fans with these lessons for 4 to 10 year olds. And don't worry, there's no panic about reaching the pedals, these cars are electric and have been specially designed for younger children to drive.

And when we say these are electric cars for kids, they are nothing like the toy cars you can buy everywhere. The two seater Firefly Sport roadster has been designed by a proper car designer. They did all the fancy drawings so that the clever automotive engineers could do all the measuring and complicated calculations. Then the highly skilled technicians went to work with their machines and tools to actually build these fab little cars.

Every single one is hand built in the Midlands, which is the home of British car manufacturing. Each one has a proper chassis. That's to say there's the proper steering wheel and steering column, suspension, disc brakes and pretty much everything else you'd find in a car - but in miniature. There are even indicators!

The reason why these cars for younger kids are so realistic is because the team behind the concept wanted a smaller version of a real sports car, so that the very youngest children could have a go at driving responsibly. And that's exactly what happens.

The temporary road layout set-ups feature junctions, roundabouts and your typical Highway Code signage, but in reduced dimensions. Baby drivers will learn about what driving on the roads really feels like. And they can't overcook it in these mini motors, as the maximum speed is 10mph.

The very clever car has an automatic sensor to detect objects, which will instinctively cut the power. Handily, there's also a remote cut-off switch, so parents or instructors can magically stop the car from a distance!

And don't forget, this very stylish 100% electric FireFly sports car is a two seater, so fledgling motorists can invite a passenger to join them to encourage and coach youngsters in the ways of the road. A great gift for anyone under 10 to get some (very cool) driving experience!


  • Available throughout the year on selected weekend and school holiday dates
  • Venues generally have one date per month


  • Please note locations are subject to change and are updated regularly
  • Bicester  Bicester Heritage
  • Birmingham  NEC (National Exhibition Centre)
  • Brierley Hill  Merry Hill Shopping Centre
  • Bristol  Cribbs Causeway Shopping Centre
  • Chelmsford  Chelmer Valley Park & Ride
  • Chepstow  Chepstow Racecourse
  • Cardiff  Cardiff City FC
  • Cheltenham  Cheltenham Racecourse
  • Colchester United FC Stadium
  • Epping  North Weald Airfield
  • Exeter  Red One and Westpoint
  • Edinburgh  Royal Highland Centre
  • Gateshead  Metrocentre Shopping Centre Newcastle
  • Hatfield  Angerland Park & Ride
  • Leeds  Church Fenton
  • Liverpool  Aintree Racecourse
  • Liverpool  Haydock Park Racecourse
  • Middlesbrough  Riverside Stadium
  • Manchester  Etihad Campus
  • Newark  Newark Showground
  • Newbury  Newbury Showground
  • Nottingham  Clifton South Tram Park & Ride
  • Surrey  Kempton Park Racecourse
  • Wiltshire  National Collections Centre Wroughton
  • Warwickshire  British Motor Museum Gaydon
  • Shepton Mallet  Bath & West Showground
  • Stafford  Beaconside Conference Centre
  • Yorkshire  Elvington Airfield

Suitable For

  • Drivers should be between the ages of 4 and 10
  • No previous driving experience is necessary
  • All drivers must have an adult in attendance
  • There is enough space in the vehicle for a parent to accompany their child


  • Spectators are welcome at all venues and may view from designated areas
  • All venues provide facilities to purchase light refreshments

Anything Else

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult until they have been given permission to drive unaccompanied by the instructor
  • If multiple children are attending one adult will be required to accompany the driver, and another to supervise any children not driving.
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S Turczyn
Excellent start to learning how to handle a vehicle properly.