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Derry Girl Private Taxi Tour Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • A Derry Girls-themed Belfast tour
  • Ride in a classic Hackney cab
  • See many of the Belfast filming locations
  • Hear insider info & anecdotes from your guide

What's Included

  • Join the most comprehensive Derry Girls tour available
  • Enjoy the tour with your own exclusive private guide
  • A great way to see the main filming locations for the show
  • For a group of up to 5 people this private tour 
  • Get behind the scenes anecdotes on how the show was made
  • Two hour guided tour in a traditional Hackney Taxi

What Can I Expect

This is Erin, Orla, Clare and Michelle's Derry Girls Belfast tour! Follow in the footsteps of the quartet as they deal with growing up  during the Troubles in 1990s Northern Ireland on this fun private tour of Belfast in an original Hackney-style cab.

Of course, Derry is where the smash hit comedy show is set, but many of the scenes were actually filmed in Belfast. And the Derry Girls are in good company, with the likes of Game of Thrones and Line of Duty all being filmed in the Belfast area too.

Filled with cutting one-liners and a classic 90s soundtrack, our super sassy Derry girls certainly have potty mouths, but all of them have a heart of gold. These tours by cab around the locations used in Belfast will give you a real insight into their lives.

There's lots to see in Belfast, so there is. From the exterior of Our Lady's Immaculate College where the girls go to school, to the location that was used to film the inside scenes at Dennis's Wee Shop. And your guide will tell you all about each location, along with some tasty insider titbits and anecdotes for you too.

Our highlight is seeing Fionulas Fish and Chip Shop, where it's ‘every man for himself on a Friday night'. It reminds us of the now legendary ‘how many bags of chips' scene that had us crying with laughter (and got Granda Joe saying ‘I'll compromise you through that window' to poor old Gerry!).

The infamous chippy is where your Derry Girls Belfast tour end. So why not pop in and get yous a chippy tea, as long as you don't think like wee English boy James and reckon it's all ‘much, much, much too greasy'?


  • Departs daily 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm


  • Belfast City Centre, Northern Ireland


  • Not suitable for spectators