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Boeing 747 Cockpit Workshop Manchester

City Airport, Manchester

  • Tour the upper deck of a genuine Boeing 747-400
  • Hosted by former BA training pilot who flew this plane
  • G-BYGA was one of the last 747s flying at BA
  • An amazing insight into life as a 747 pilot


What's Included

  • Cockpit workshop with an ex British Airways training captain
  • Learn about what it was like to fly a Boeing 747 and an in depth overview of the 747 history
  • See the original interior including seating, toilets, flight deck and flight deck bunks
  • Your instructor will take you through the process of bringing the 747 to life, through engine start up, taxiing, take off, cruise, descent and landing
  • Find out about different scenarios of what happens in the cockpit if different types of emergencies were to occur
  • Opportunity to ask questions and take as many photos as you like
  • Each workshop is limited to three people due to the four seats in the cockpit (one for your instructor)
  • Opt for the 1.5 hour session and you will also receive a short taster session flying the simulator

What Can I Expect

Jumbo jet dreams come true on a Boeing 747 cockpit experience! Meet the pilot, hear the stories and learn fascinating facts - all whilst sitting in a genuine Boeing 747-400 cockpit.

The 747 is probably the most recognised jumbo in the world. It was the first wide-body commercial airliner ever made and revolutionised long-haul travel.

Your cockpit workshop experience takes place in Manchester City Airport Barton. This is where the upper deck of one of the last ever 747s to fly has been saved. This Queen of the Skies first flew in 1998 and carried out many loyal years of service with British Airways, flying transatlantic routes as G-BYGA.

After being decommissioned prematurely in 2020, the top deck, which includes business class seats, flight bunks, toilets and the flight deck, has been transformed into a simulator and 747 experience.

What makes your VIP visit onboard all the more special is the host; former BA training pilot Mark Rose. Captain Mark flew this actual 747 many, many times. His last ever flight in this incredible aircraft was 15th May 2017, flying San Francisco to London Heathrow.

As you gather on the flight deck (the behemoth that is the 747 has four seats in there!), prepare to be regaled with all the insider pilot anecdotes you could ever wish for. Some are rather hair-raising - like the time in 2009 when the crew encountered a problem on take off from South Africa that changed the design of the 747 forever…

It's totally fascinating stuff. For an hour you will learn what it's like to fly a 747 for a living, the history of the aircraft, how you fly it and Mark's thoughts on the airline industry. If you opt for the 1.5-hour visit, each of you will get a short session on the simulator controls, so you can experience what it's like as captain of a 747-400.

A unique insight into life in the skies, this Boeing 747 cockpit workshop is an absolute must for jumbo jet fans! Book for three people and the visit will be exclusive to you.


  • Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year
  • Morning and afternoon sessions are generally available
  • Participants must arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before the workshop start time


  • City Airport, Manchester

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 5
  • Under 18s must be accompanied by a participating adult


  • Not suitable for spectators
Cockpit Workshop - Young Man at Controls
Boeing 747 Cockpit Workshop Manchester Get this Experience