Battle of the Atoms

Nationwide Locations

  • Drive two different Ariel Atoms on this battle
  • It's the Atom road car vs Atom race car
  • Choose between a three or six mile drive
  • Both Atoms are the superfast supercharged versions


What's Included

  • Welcome and registration
  • In car briefing from your instructor
  • Drive the Ariel Atom Supercharged and the Ariel Atom Cup Car
  • Blasts provide 3 miles in each and thrills 6 miles driving each of the atoms
  • 1:1 instruction throughout
  • Instructor driven high speed passenger lap in a performance saloon
  • Allow spending up to two hours on site

What Can I Expect

Why split the Atoms when you can drive both on this Battle of the Atoms! It's road car vs race car on this double Ariel Atom challenge. You'll be driving one after the other, to see which version of this supercharged pocket-rocket you prefer (don't worry you're allowed to love both!).

Let's see if you can handle the power of the Atom. The road going Atom boasts impressive statistics. It might 'only' have 325bhp, but it's incredible power to weight ratio means this supercharged Atom goes off like a bullet from traffic lights, reaching 60mph from standing in just 2.8 seconds. That's fast.

The race going Atom pushes the envelope of driving even further. It has a full roll cage, the motorsport spec fuel tank and has been upgraded and tweaked all over to be race worthy. The kerb weight stays the same (just 550kg), so what does all that mean for the performance? You'll find out for yourself during your Battle of the Atoms, but expect an even more responsive steering, a stiffer ride and less understeer in this rear wheel drive beast.

Whilst the road going model of the Atom was already pretty bonkers, the race car version take the craziness to an even higher level. The car was developed to be raced in the single series Ariel Atom Cup. Can you imagine 20 Atom Cups all battling it out on the circuit at once? Madness.

Both Atoms are a real challenge to master, even on an empty track. You'll need your wits about you as you literally fly out of the pit lane. The handling is awesome and made all the more exhilarating by the fact that you're just inches off the floor. And when it comes to cornering? It's just so ridiculous you won't know whether to scream in fear or laugh in sheer delight.

We are offering two Battle of the Atoms experiences for you. You can pick the Blast, which gives you three-miles of driving in each car, or extend to the Thrill for six-miles of atomic Atom driving. And in both cases, you're treated to a passenger lap in a high-speed performance car too.


  • All venues operate from February to November
  • Selected weekday dates are available
  • Upgrades to include weekend availability are £25 payable when booking your date


  • Oxfordshire  Bicester Heritage
  • Wigan  Three Sisters
  • York  Elvington
  • Wales  Anglesey Race Circuit* 
  • Wiltshire  Castle Combe*
  • Surrey  Dunsfold Park* (supplement payable for adults only)
  • *£30 supplement payable when booking your date

Suitable For

  • Minimum age is 17
  • A full UK driving licence must be shown on the day
  • Drivers must be between 5' and 6'5" tall and weigh less than 18 stone
  • A crash helmet is provided which must be worn whilst in the vehicles
  • Trainers or soft soled shoes should be worn


  • Family and friends are welcome

Anything Else

  • Optional Damage Waiver is available to purchase from the venue for a fee of £25
  • There is a covered marquee with seating and toilets at all sites
  • Food and drink is available to purchase on site
  • Professional photographs of the participants driving action can be purchased with prices starting from £25
Battle of The Atoms
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