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Archery Experience Bedford

Sandy near Bedford   

• Target & clay pigeon archery near Bedford
• Centre is at Sandy, between Bedford & St Neots
• No limit on the number of arrows you can fire off
• Fun 90 minute sessions available
Target Archery



What's Included

• Welcome, instruction and safety briefing by your qualified instructor
• Either experience lasts around 90 minutes
• All equipment is provided
• You may be in a group of up to eight people
• Participants may shoot 100+ arrows according to the group size

Choose from the below experience options:

Target Archery
• Learn basic shooting skills

• Learn how to handle the bow and arrows to ensure you hit the bulls-eye

Clay Pigeon Archery
• Shoot foam targets which are fired into the air
• Instead of a shotgun you will use a bow and arrow

What Can I Expect

Go for a traditional shoot or take aim at something different when you try archery in Bedford! We are offering two types of archery here at this Bedford-based centre, so you either shoot arrows at your traditional round targets with multi-coloured rings, or fire them at some rather more unexpected objects…

Using your recurve bow and arrows, you will adopt the stance and get ready to release. If you've gone for the target archery session offered at this venue, it's all about aiming at the golden centre ring to hit yourself a fine bullseye. If you go for the clay pigeon archery, it's all quite different out there on the stands.

Indeed, you will need to keep your wits about you, as at first there is nothing to see as you look out across the this Bedford-based archery range. Then suddenly you'll hear a trap opening and before you know it, there's your foam target cutting across the sky. No time for pondering which way it might go, get tracking, pull back and away goes your arrow. If you've got the trajectory right, you'll pierce into the foam and it'll come down to earth with a thud.

From then on it's a fast-flowing fury of foamy targets flying at you from all directions and heights. What we love about this unusual version of archery is that here in Bedford, you are not limited on the number of arrows, so if you're quick on the draw, you could find yourself shooting at up to 100 or more of these targets as your session lasts an hour and a half.

It's all a bit madcap, but very exhilarating. In case you were wondering, it all takes place at a professional shooting venue between Bedford and St Neots, where the main activity is indeed standard archery, but we thought we'd offer this version as it's ideal for a less serious, fun day out.

If you're looking for something a bit different that offers a fun and safe archery-style experience for all ages, our pigeon shooting archery in Bedford experience could be just the thing, but if you want to hone your classic archer skills with targets that don't move, you can do that too.


• Available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the year
• Sessions are at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00 and will go ahead regardless of wet weather


• Sandy near Bedford

Suitable For

• Minimum age 8
• All under 18's must be accompanied by an adult


• Spectators may view from a designated area and are welcome at no additional charge

Anything Else

• Non baggy tops/jumpers should be worn
• Suitable footwear such as trainers or walking boots should be worn, no open toed sandals or flip flops
• In wet/cold weather suitable outdoor clothing is advisable


Average Rating 5
Total Reviews 3
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about 6 years ago
I had an excellent archery experience Nr Bedford. The instructor was extremely considerate and helpful, and took every care to ensure that I enjoyed my day. A great experience, - so much so that I'm now seriously considering joining an Archery club!
Bob Searle
about 7 years ago
Booked this for me and my friend to end 2013 on a fun note! Absolutely loved it. I've booked another session for us
about 7 years ago
We had a fantastic time, the tuition was really good. The instructor was obviously very experienced and knew exactly how to teach archery. He made us feel very welcome and the session was relaxed and very enjoyable. If we had the time and the money we would like to take up archery.
M O'Riordan
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target archery experience
Archery Experience Bedford
Target Archery
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