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If it's iconic design, serious comfort and an overwhelming feeling of prestige you want, a Jaguar experience is the way to roll! To have the chance to drive a Jaguar is a real thrill. This marque is steeped in motoring history, both on and off the race track, with classic and modern models loved equally by car enthusiasts the world over. Some may say the E-Type is the most stunning sports car ever made, whilst others might eulogise about the XK150. A certain detective called Morse loved his old Jag for pottering around Oxford in, whilst on the other end of the scale, the race-prepped C and D Types went like rockets around places like Le Mans.

Whether you are going to be at the helm of a classic or a brand new Jaguar, it’ll feel like a true honour to have your hands on that hand-finished leather steering wheel. Whilst the Jags of the past are evocative of the halcyon days of motoring and motor racing, the new models produced by Jaguar have all the same prowess and style, but with all the modern conveniences you’d expect when driving on today’s roads. Indeed, Jaguars may not be the fastest, flashiest or the loudest of cars, but driving a Jaguar is just a really special experience. Everyone should try a Jaguar experience at least once in their life!

F Type Jag Driving


Save 20% From £69

    • Drive a Jaguar F-Type V8S at your choice of track
    • Choose between 3 or 6 driving miles in the Jag
    • Discover what the successor to the E-type is like!
    • The best of British - supercharged!
Jaguar F Type R Drive

Essex, Lincs, South Wales,

Special Offer From £35

    • Drive a stunning Jaguar F-Type R Coupe
    • Available at a choice of track venues
    • This is a V8, 5.0L beauty of a Grand Tourer
    • Choose between a three or six mile drive
Jaguar F Type R Experience

Elvington, Blyton Park, Bruntingthorpe, Castle Combe, Dunsfold Park, Three Sister

Save £10 From £79

    • Take a Jaguar F-Type R for a test drive
    • Choose from several circuit venues around the UK
    • You will be driving for approximately six miles
    • Includes a high speed passenger ride
Jaguar F-Type Thrill

Staffordshire, Wales, York & Wigan

Save £20 From £69

    • Drive a Jaguar F-Type V6 on a race track
    • Offered at various circuits around the country
    • Experience the thrill of this stylish coupĂ©
    • Professional driving instructor onboard with you
Best of British

York, Witshire, Leics, Lincs, Surrey & Wigan

From £179.00

    • Drive 2 superlative British supercars on the track
    • The Jaguar F-Type is the powerful R version
    • The Aston Martin is the racier DBS version
    • Enjoy a high speed passenger lap as a finale
Heritage Jaguar Driving Day

Redditch, Worcestershire

Save £76 From £99

    • Drive classic Jaguars out on the open road
    • Cover 100 miles on your round trip from Redditch
    • A cross country rally completed in stages
    • Take turns in driving the different Jaguars
Jaguar E Type Driving Experience
Based On 3 Reviews

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Special Offer From £59

    • A Jaguar E-type FHC (fixed head coupe) drive
    • Take to the track at Upper Heyford in your Jag
    • A 4.2l, 265bhp classic with a 150mph top speed
    • The 'world's most beautiful car' said Enzo Ferrari
Jaguar E Type Road Trips

Redditch, Worcestershire

Save £50 From £199

    • Self-drive road trips in Jaguars
    • All ages of Jag from the E-Types, to the XKR
    • Explore the Cotswolds on your journey
    • Half and full-day excursions available
Jaguar E-Type Driving Trails

Redditch, Worcestershire

From £349.00

    • Drive your choice of E-Type on the open road
    • Choose a 4 or 8-hour hire period in your E-Type
    • Pick from a choice of trail routes to follow
    • You drive and your passenger(s) ride for free
Platinum Supercar Choice

Locations Nationwide

Special Offer From £59

    • Choose from a range of amazing supercars
    • Drive for 3 or 6 miles with your instructors guidance
    • Driving certificate included
    • Choice of venues
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