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Skid Pan Training and Driving Experience from Into The Blue

Skid Training Shropshire
Based On 6 Reviews

Oswestry, Shropshire

Special Offer From £99

    • Learn how to control all kinds of skids
    • Low grip skid pan for realistic skid scenarios
    • Learn skills that will make you a safer driver
    • Learn from a grade six driving instructor
Skid Pan Essex
Based On 28 Reviews

Near Epping

From £109.00

    • Hydraulic Cradle = front, rear and all wheel skids
    • All angles, all action and all fun!
    • Oversteer, understeer and emergency braking skills
    • Convenient Essex location just off M11
Skid Pan Control Day
Based On 7 Reviews

Thetford, Norfolk

From £99.00

    • Learn to control oversteer and understeer skids
    • Drive front and rear wheel drive vehicles
    • Tackle the super slippery low grip skid pan
    • All drivers receive a skid control certificate
Skid Control and Skid Pan Scotland

Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife

From £135.00

    • Skid control at Scotlands National Circuit
    • Drive rear wheel drive cars on the skid pan
    • Practical driving on the skid and avoid lane
    • Debrief, driver critique and certificate
Skid Control Experience Wiltshire
Based On 15 Reviews

Near Chippenham

From £109.00

    • Control skids in front and rear wheel drive cars
    • Learn steering and braking skills to keep control
    • Skid control certificate to take home
    • Prize for the best driver of the day
Skid School Rockingham
Based On 1 Reviews

Corby, Northamptonshire

From £179.00

    • 'get it wrong' safely in your own car
    • Learn techniques to help avoid skids
    • Purpose built skid area with unique kick plate
Drivers Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

    • Choose from a wide choice of Driving Experiences
    • Locations across the UK
    • Option to top up your voucher on line
    • Our most flexible driving voucher

Go slipping and sliding on these skid pan training days!

When it comes to skid pan training there are several schools of thought as to what makes the ideal skid surface to learn your car control skills on. The ‘traditional’ set up is a dedicated concrete or tarmac area that is hosed down to be a wetter than wet skid pan. Add to that a rear wheel drive car and throw in an expert driving instructor and you’ve got skidding (and how to deal with it) on tap!

To give you an idea of what skid pan training on a traditional wet surface is like, have a look at this skid control video, filmed at Knockhill circuit in Fife.

The world of oversteer can also be achieved by using a clever hydraulic cradle system. The car sits within this metal frame, which can be altered to allow for rear wheel and front wheel skids to be simulated. The advantage here is there’s no need for the surface to be wet, so a pan can created anywhere where there’s a suitable spot of tarmac or concrete. The system is all controlled by the instructor, so your skid training is very much bespoke to you.

Then there are unique surfaces such as our supplier in Shropshire uses, which is a combination of a rubbery surface that has been oiled. It gets pretty dirty but it is thought to be the most realistic simulation of real life skid conditions on icy and slippery roads you can get without having to go to the depths of Finland in winter. 

ABS? ESP? You still need skid pan training!

Of course, with many of us having ABS on our cars, you might be wondering if you even need to learn on the skid pan. The fact is no gadget can prevent skids and indeed, having ABS requires you to react in a certain way when faced with adverse road conditions.  So a fully qualified advanced driving instructor is who you need to show you what happens, why and when. Knowledge is power when it comes to mastering what the skid pan can throw at you.

As well as being superb fun, these skid pan training sessions give you a very useful skill. After just one go out on the skid pan you'll be trained in how to react in skidding and sliding situations, with or without driver safety technologies on your car. Perhaps more importantly, you will be able to recognise when conditions might make a skid more likely and then drive accordingly to avoid it.
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