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Zorbing Manchester

Macclesfield near Manchester   

• Options for harness or aqua sphereing
• Located by the Peak District National Park
• Spectators are welcome to come and cheer you on

What's Included

Choose from the following voucher options
• A single ride for one person, choose a harness or aqua voucher
• A single ride for two people, choose from Harness or Aqua
• A combi ride for two people, either one harness and aqua or two rides of one type

• Welcome and pre-ride briefing explaining how to ride the sphere
• Rides take place on a specially tracked out course

What Can I Expect

Hill rolling where the countryside meets the city - that's zorbing near Manchester! Well placed for enthusiastic zorbers from Cheshire, Macclesfield and beyond, you will be revelling in your revolutions on a run right next to fields of sheep!

Expect some funny looks from the animals grazing in the neighbouring field then, as you get ready to play at being a hamster in a ball at this proper working farm just south of Manchester. Zorbing here comes in two forms, either harness of hydro and we've got a combination of vouchers for you to choose from, so you can try either or both as a solo roller or a duo.

Logic tells us you need a gradient to be able to roll, so when you arrive at this venue you'll be guided from the main reception area up to the hilltop shelter where you and your fellow intrepid zorbers will be gathered to prepare for their roll. No time to admire the views of the Cheshire countryside, the zorb is waiting. If you pick the hardcore harness version you will be given a body-harness to wear that attaches you firmly to one spot in the ball. If you fancy sharing your inflatable globe with a load of water, it's just a case of wearing gear you don't mind getting wet, as it's more of a freestyle affair.

And now to the tricky bit - getting into this rotating orb of fun and frolics. The best method is a sort of swan dive to try and get yourself thrown the open tunnel in the sphere to the inner sanctum. This task alone is enough to make you giggle and you've not even started the run yet. The boys and girls from Macclesfield who run the zorbing days here in Heaton will help you, but once you're inside it's just you and the air-pumped orb.

With a push and shove of the ball to get you off the starting platform, you will suddenly find yourselves tumbling and turning on your own axis. You can't see much through the plastic and you won't be able to tell which way up you are, but you will be going downhill, that's for sure. The aerial netting at the bottom slows you down and hey presto you've survived your first zorbing experience! Never has so much fun been had in Macclesfield!

As you squeeze yourself out and get your bearings, the sphere is put on the trailer and pulled back up to the top of the slope, ready for the next lot waiting excitedly to go zorbing. Manchester may only be a few miles away, but this venue is a fabulous setting for a spot of hill rolling in the countryside around Macclesfield and Cheshire - grass, mud, animals and all!


• Weekends between April and October


• Manchester

Suitable For

• Not suitable for those that are pregnant, suffer with high blood pressure, heart condition, epilepsy, back or neck problems
• Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Harness Sphere
• Minimum height 4.5ft
• Under16s require parental consent
• Riders must not exceed 100kgs per person

Aqua Ride
• Minimum age 7, under 16s require parental consent
• Maximum combined weight 200kgs


• Spectators are welcome


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about 6 years ago
Great fun. Over quickly so don't travel too far for this experience but if you're reasonably near then definitely worth while.
about 7 years ago
Very good experience. Staff friendly and approachable.
June Hynes
Sphere experience
Zorbing Manchester
Harness Ride for One
Total Price£35.00