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Tank Driving Experience

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Tank Driving Experience

Be an 'all action tank driving hero' for a day with these superb tank and military vehicle driving experiences. Get behind the wheel of an Abbot Tank or FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier and experience what it's like to drive a multi-ton tank over rough terrain. 

We've got a whole range of ex-war zone tanks and beefed up military vehicles for you to drive. Some experiences will see you tackling rough terrain, whilst others might culminate in you crushing a car under the mighty caterpillar tracks of the tank,  or battling to control a heavy armoured personnel vehicle through muddy ravines. Basically when it comes to tanks we've got it all!

Tank Battles in Leicestershire

Perfect for big kids as you get to play at tank battles on this experience!

Venue Near Market Harborough

From £105.00


Dads and Lads Tank Day

Tank driving experiences for an adult and a child makes for a fun family affair.

Venue Near Market Harborough

From £105.00


Tank Driving in Hampshire

Tank driving nirvana with these experiences crammed full of military hardware.

Venue Near Winchester

From £169.00

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Tank Driving in Northants

Drive a tank day with a good dash of military manoeuvring in true Gvozdika...

Venue Near Brackley

From £219.00


Military Driving Leicestershire

Get kitted up and ready for a Military Driving Experience in Leicestershire!...

Venue Near Market Harborough

From £105.00


Military Manoeuvres in Bristol

Climb aboard some of the meanest military tanks and take them for a spin!

Venue Near Redhill

From £195.00


Tank Driving Leicestershire

Get behind the controls of a serious piece of military machinery when you go...

Venue near Market Harborough

From £105.00


Tanks in Galloway

It's all about all wheel drive military action on this Tanks Galloway...

Venue Galloway

From £79.00


Tank Driving Scotland

Ripping it up in a tank and military vehicle driving style in bonny Scotland!...

Venue Dundee

From £113.00


Fire The Gun

Tank firing in Scotland - now that's going to be a real blast! This is one...

Venue Dundee, Scotland

From £200.00


Amphibious Lorry Scotland

Drive an Amphibious Lorry In Scotland! This sturdy military vehicle...

Venue Dundee

From £212.00


Tank Car Crush Derbyshire

Crush A Car With A Tank in Derbyshire! A site near Measham is your destination....

Venue Measham, Derbyshire

From £339.00


1:1 Tank Car Crush Scotland

Car Crush Scotland - jump in a tank and then a car gets crushed. Is this legal?...

Venue Dundee

From £439.00


Car Crush in Northamptonshire

Nothing's more satisfying than a Fiesta crushing tank driving experience, eh?

Venue Near Brackley

From £545.00


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