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Surfing Lessons, Gifts and Experience Days


Everybody's gone surfing! Experience riding the waves with surf lessons at prime beach locations around the UK. Learning to surf is one of those sports that has an undeniably idyllic and cool lifestyle associated with it. Hang ten in the water, then chill out with your surfer buddies. Bliss. Surf lesson FAQs...

jet board

Electric Surfboarding Chepstow

Chepstow, Gloucestershire

From £45.00

Electric Surfboarding Chepstow
  • Try these all-new electric jetboards
  • Motorised surfing - brilliant fun!
  • 15 or 30-minute experiences
  • Effortlessly glide across the waters
sunset surfing

Electric Powered Surfing South Wales

Oxwich Bay, Gower

Buy For £99.00

Electric Powered Surfing South Wales
  • Electric surfing sessions in South Wales
  • No need to paddle - just glide!
  • No need to catch waves to surf
  • All gear & tuition is included
pembrokeshire surfing

Surfing Lessons Pembrokeshire

Haverfordwest, West Wales

From £42.00

Surfing Lessons Pembrokeshire
  • Half-day surf sessions in Pembrokeshire
  • Suitable from kids & adults from 8yrs
  • Transport to and from the main centre
  • Ride the waves on a Swell board
Body Boarding

Watersports for Two Sunderland

Sunderland Marina

Buy For £70.00

Watersports for Two Sunderland
• Watersports activities at Roker Beach in Sunderland
• Take your pick from the activities offered on the day
• Surfing, canoeing, bell boats, SUP, pier jumps & more
• No need to swim - just confidence in water needed
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